Arrested for singing

A violent reaction was caused by the arrest of a woman in Rhodes by police for the fact that she … sang in the street! “Congratulations, the crime has been solved!” the singer shouted, supported by passers-by who watched the unprecedented scene.

A video uploaded to TikTok shows the Rhodes police arresting a woman because, as the user posted it, “the lady was singing in the square.”

In fact, many of the passers-by saw how the police dragged the woman to the patrol car, while she ironically shouted: “Well done, guys, congratulations, now you have solved the crime.”

Among other things, the troublemaker (or quarantine measures, it is not yet clear why the singer will be punished) continued to scream heart-rendingly: “Shame on you for Greece, for Rhodes! You have no right to arrest me! “

Another social media user, however, commented that the woman was not arrested for singing, but for “illegal profit”, because while she sang, passers-by threw coins at her.

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