July 14, 2024

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Weddings and receptions are canceled … because of the music!

A huge number of weddings and receptions were canceled, because due to the current quarantine measures in Greece, although the halls for special events were open, they are not allowed … musical accompaniment!

This is due to the fact that according to the Joint Ministerial Decision, wedding receptions can be held as usual, but without music.

“We even offered all guests to take a self-diagnosis test before going to the party so that it could be done with an unlimited number of people and with music, but we could not convince the infectious disease specialists,” complains the director of Wedding Property and Catering. , Konstantinos Karamitssos.

The businessman pointedly adds that “weddings without music are unlikely to take place this year as long as this restriction lasts. Sorry, but a party without music and with guests leaving at 12:15 is more like a funeral or commemoration. People will prefer to gather at home, where there will be no restrictions, or in a tavern, where things are clearly easier. “

Answering the question about how the industry developed during the pandemic, Konstantinos Karamitsoos notes that “now is a critical moment for all professionals. We have been closed for over six months without much government assistance. We tried to request a return of 7% of the income through the appropriate ΕΣΠΑ program, however, as it turned out, this is not possible, because we are selling services, not raw materials.

For her part, Artemia Mavroudi, owner of the banquet hall, adds: “We live in Greece, where a party without music makes no sense. We are already rescheduling wedding dates to serve people. That is, we have customers who intend to get married, but decided to postpone the party until later. Which is quite reasonable – to have gatherings at home, in the courtyard with a tape recorder. “

When asked if there is a timeline when specific measures regarding music and bans will be lifted, Ms Mavroudi notes that “there is no such information. We are in the dark. The halls have been closed for a long period of time, but even now that we have been allowed to open, we cannot work. ”

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