To shave or not to shave your armpits?

A video uploaded by Nea Democracy politician Aphrodite Latinopoulou, who decided to publicize her position on beauty standards and explains why she hates unshaven armpits and unshaven female legs, caused a violent reaction on Twitter.

“These people leave hair on their legs and take pictures of it! And also armpit hair, antennae, stretch marks, freckles, cellulite and so on, which is absolutely not aesthetically pleasing, “says the deputy, explaining that when you see such photos on social networks, it becomes” uncomfortable, embarrassing and disgusting. “

“I don’t like what I see. And I don’t understand, since you love your unshaven leg so much, why are you showing it to me? Whoever demonstrates this seems to enjoy doing it. But why should I see this? Why are you trying to tell me that this is all too beautiful, too cute and too normal? (body positive theory – author’s note). But this is not the case! It’s ugly, ”says the politician.

In her video, she also talks about how “men began to pay too much attention to the beauty (aesthetics) of their bodies, their appearance.”

“On the other hand, we constantly see men leaning more and more towards ‘feminine nature’. They shave everywhere. That is, when we say “everywhere”, this is what we mean. They paint … They do manicure and pedicure. They wear more and more women’s clothing and usually do what women are used to doing, ”the ND spokesman said.

And he continues: “On the other hand, women are more and more like men: they remain unshaven, insist that there is no need to do this. They dress in oversized clothing and often in men’s clothing. By doing this, they want to show that this is normal. Not ok! And this is not only not normal, but also disgusting. For both women and men. “

Aphrodite Latinopoulou sums up her fiery speech: “Well, a flawed minority can change neither the majority of beauty standards, nor the norms that we still follow. We all. We will continue to believe what we believed in. People who talk about supposed evolution need to sit down and rethink what evolution means, because that’s not what they are emphasizing. This is the cave age! Because it was then that the woman did not take care of herself for the last time. “

Η αξύριστη γυναικεία μασχάλη ως νέο “πρότυπο” ομορφιάς που προσπαθούν να μας επιβάλλουν.

– Latinopoulou (@latinopoulou) May 31, 2021

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