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A quarrel on the balcony does not lead to good

In the Russian St. Petersburg, the couple was violently sorting out the relationship on the balcony. Alas, the railing broke down, and a video made by a bystander captured a terrible fall from the third floor.

The quarrel between 35-year-old Yevgeny Karlagin and his girlfriend Olga Volkova ended more than painfully, but the couple, who have a young son, fortunately survived. According to the Daily Mail, they were taken to the hospital, where doctors recorded serious injuries, but there was no threat to their lives.

The incident took place last Saturday. The prosecutor’s office of the northern capital is conducting an investigation, including finding out why the railings were so fragile. An involuntary witness to the incident, Denis told reporters:

I walked with a colleague and filmed the historic road. I noticed a quarrel and began to write down what was happening. Someone with medical knowledge was nearby, took their pulse and said that they both survived. We called an ambulance.

The husband and wife were diagnosed with limb fractures, according to media reports, but it could have ended much more sadly.

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