Belavia will not fly to Crimea

The head of Belavia, Igor Cherginets, told the Soloviev Live YouTube channel that in order to fly to Crimea, his political recognition as a part of Russia is necessary. Therefore, the company does not plan flights to the peninsula yet.

In March 2019, the Belarusian president stated in this regard:

“What will change after I now declare that Crimea is ours or Russian? What will change? Nothing! Well, they will make some noise, in Russia it will be news in the evening, and in the morning they will forget, won’t they? They will forget and will not say thank you. In Ukraine they will say “dog” and spit in my direction. As a result, what will we get? “

Yesterday in Sochi an informal meeting of Alexander Lukashenko with Russian President Vladimir Putin took place, today is the second day of their communication. Following the meeting, the leaders of both countries instructed the ministries of transport to “organize all aspects of air traffic.” According to the press secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov, there was no talk of the possibility of Belavia’s flights to Crimea.

The Belarusian airline is going through hard times. Due to the incident with the plane of the Irish Ryanair, the EU summit banned Belarusian companies from entering the airspace of European countries and flying to the airports of EU countries. Putin named the situation emotional explosion.

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