USA: tougher sanctions against Lukashenka’s regime

The White House announced on Friday that it will tighten sanctions against the Lukashenka regime after an emergency landing at the Minsk airport of a Ryanair passenger plane and the arrest of an opposition leader.

The United States government, in addition to the already existing sanctions against Belarus, announced additional and published a press release stating that Lukashenko’s “list of targeted sanctions against key members of the regime” was drawn up in coordination with the European Union and (quote):

“Forcible redirection by Belarus under the false pretext of a commercial Ryanair flight between the two EU member states and the arrest of opposition journalist Roman Pratasevich were a violation of international rules.”

Financial sanctions against 9 Belarusian state-owned companies will come into force on June 3. Also, according to the statement of the US President, Washington issued a directive on travel to Belarus, urging citizens of the country not to “go there.”

The European Union, in turn, is considering the possibility new sanctions in relation to two main sources of income for Minsk: the passage of Russian gas and the export of potash fertilizers. This was announced on Thursday by Giuseppe Borrell, EU foreign minister. Brussels also called on EU airlines to bypass Belarusian airspace, which in the early days caused some Problems… In talks with Alexander Lukashenko, Russian President Vladimir Putin called what is happening splash of emotions

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