The head of “Belavia” called the sanctions of the West “vile”

Igor Cherginets, the general director of Belavia, claims that the West behaved simply meanly, imposing restrictions on flights of the company’s aircraft in the absence of an international investigation into the incident with the Ryanair aircraft.

According to Radio Sputnik, the official says the airline has nothing to do with the incident. In the International Civil Aviation Organization announced the beginning of the investigation As you know, the plane Ryanair, following the route Athens-Vilnius, was forced to land at the airport in Minsk after the announcement of a bomb on board. However, after the landing of the liner, the information was not confirmed, and the oppositionist Roman Protasevich, who was on board, was arrested along with his girlfriend.

The leaders of the EU member states called the landing forced and closed the airspace for Belarusian companies. Igor Cherginets notes on Facebook:

The ICAO Council met and decided to investigate the landing of Ryanair in Minsk by 25 June. But today, without even waiting for the start of the investigation, the aforementioned countries have actually imposed sanctions against Belavia, which is no way … to this incident. Obviously, these governments were planning not only to close their countries to board our planes, but also, with a particularly fascist perversion, to close the runways one by one. We are being ridiculed. They scoff at us, over people, regardless of the passport. And this is before the investigation of the incident, in which there may be those guilty, but definitely not Belavia. This, of course, is a complete violation of the foundations of democracy. The innocent Belavia is being punished without actually starting an investigation. Meanness.

The general director of the company believes that in this situation, “the neighbors decided, as always, to make money on this.” He recalled that during the pandemic, Belavia helped bring home the stranded citizens of Western countries, and now they are actively introducing restrictions against it:

Until now, Belavia receives “gratitude” from the governments of Great Britain, France, Lithuania, the United States and others. Last year – for the rescue of thousands of their citizens, diplomats, military men, people. We did not pay attention to their nationalities and passports. Belavia received thousands of gratitude from these people, and it warmed and warms us. Belavia received dozens of thanks, without quotation marks, from prime ministers, foreign ministers, ambassadors and so on.

In conclusion, Cherginets assured that Belavia, against the background of the current situation, does not intend to cut its staff by half. She “will stay in the sky, she will fly.”

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