Keep your back straight to be healthy

The peculiarity of the human body is that any ailment can be successfully dealt with, thanks to its ability to heal itself.

Correct posture is not just beautiful, it is the key to the perfect work of all systems and organs. Timely care of the spine and posture can prevent many ailments that, at first glance, have nothing to do with an even back. What causes back diseases? Official medicine claims: problems with joints and intervertebral discs are to blame. However, muscles play a much more important role in their ability to keep the body at rest during stress and movement.

Musculature is responsible for posture, and the condition of bones and joints directly depends on how well the muscles perform their function. Muscle health is achieved in two ways: active, that is, through exercise, and passive, which includes manual therapy and massage.

At one time, the popularity of massage began to fade, but recently the healing power of this procedure has again become in demand. Various types of manual influence act as a source of vitality, help to easily move to maintain correct posture. In India, for example, keeping an ancient tradition, the first massage for a newborn baby is done as early as 5 days – the procedure contributes to the proper development of the musculoskeletal system.

The secret of longevity and health is the balance of physical and active loads. According to the principles of yoga, a person’s health can be judged by four main criteria: excellent appetite, sound sleep, regular disposal of waste products, and upright posture. Judge for yourself the importance of the latter. It is in the spinal cord that nerve centers originate, which are responsible for pain, movement and such unconscious functions as breathing, digestion and heartbeat. The neck is responsible for the blood supply to the brain, and a failure in this area of ​​the circulatory system leads to a host of problems, from depression to vision problems.

Almost all office workers, programmers and everyone else who is at the computer for at least six hours a day complain of neck pain. This has been the most common problem over the past two decades. This happens because naturally movable joints remain motionless and coarse, and even the muscles are constantly tense because of the need to look at the screen. Massage, both professional and at least independent, in combination with light physical exercises for head movement helps to cope with this phenomenon. However, if the pain is acute, then it is better not to engage in self-massage, but to seek help from a specialist.

Back pain is another pressing problem, and it can be difficult to determine the cause. At the same time, 5 main factors can cause constant pain: overweight, constant stress, lack of nutrients and microelements, poor posture, lifestyle (presence or absence of physical activity). By honestly answering about the presence of this or that factor, you can understand in which direction to move to determine the cause of back pain.

And by identifying the cause, it is easier to deal with the problem. Specialized individual treatment, without the use of medications, is based on:

proper nutrition – limiting coffee, avoiding spicy, fatty and fried foods, excessive amounts of alcohol, semi-finished products, a large amount of sweets; physical activity – swimming, yoga, pilates, exercises for correct posture; healthy sleep is a case when the quality of a night’s rest is much more important than its duration. You should pay attention to the correct position of the body during sleep and the choice of a pillow, it should fill the space between the shoulders and the neck; manual therapy, massage, physiotherapy – manual practices are indispensable for the treatment and prevention of back and neck problems. Massage of the whole body is also important, during which self-healing of the body takes place, its internal healing powers are stimulated.

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