Former head of Ukrainian Foreign Intelligence Service dies in Egypt

On the coast of the Red Sea, 62-year-old Viktor Gvozd, the head of the Ukrainian intelligence service during the times of Petro Poroshenko, was killed.

He came to Egypt to celebrate his birthday, including his favorite hobby – diving. He and his wife were vacationing at the Jaz Dahabeya Dahab hotel. On the morning of May 28, while scuba diving, the man spent too long time at a depth. Finding that he did not rise to the surface in time, rescuers raised the alarm. When the Ukrainian emerged from the water, it turned out that he needed urgent medical help.

However, it was not possible to save Viktor Gvozd. It is noteworthy that the man was not a beginner in diving, but this time, apparently, he simply did not calculate his strength. As it turned out, he was at a depth of 40 meters for a long time, and then floated too abruptly to the surface. The result was decompression sickness – nitrogen poisoning of the blood. The doctors at the Dahab general hospital, where he was taken, could not save him.

Just 4 days before his death, on his birthday, Viktor Gvozd wrote on Facebook: “I spent an unusual day in the company of old friends of divers … We wanted to go to Caves (a dive point in Dahab), but a strong wave did not allow “.

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