"Doctor Death": shocking facts about the actions of the pseudo doctor

The investigation into the case of the pseudo-doctor Kontos is gaining momentum. The healer deceived the parents of a 16-year-old cancer patient, literally forcing them to stop the treatment prescribed by doctors, as he promised to cure him himself.

A medical scammer, who is said to be an oncologist, homeopath, NSA employee and herbalist, masterfully deceived cancer patients, causing 12 of them, including a minor, to die after his so-called “therapy”.

This follows from the 300-page report of the prosecutor Angelica Kurinioti to the competent judicial council. She proposes to bring to court the case against the “self-proclaimed” Dr. Kontos and 16 of his accomplices, including a former deputy doctor and a nun, for 12 deaths of cancer patients and 14 attempted murders.

The case of a child with cancer who died in 2017 at the age of 16 is typical. The 47-year-old pseudo-doctor suggested that the child’s parents stop the treatment, which had been carried out until then. By asking them to “follow, as the most effective and appropriate, the treatment he recommended, consisting of supposedly advanced special drugs (injectable and non-injectable), which were made in Switzerland from rare and difficult to obtain raw materials, medicinal alcohols, liquids containing the active ingredients of cannabis and medicinal herbs “. The child had to follow the recommendations of the false doctor, which eventually led to his death. “The false doctor deliberately devalued the opinions and prescriptions of other doctors, as well as the conclusions of the tomograph, i.e. medical examination, ”the prosecutor emphasizes.

To another patient, Dr. Kontos suggested a treatment with oils and herbs from Mount Athos. According to the prosecutor, these were “drugs without medical recognition and completely unsuitable for treatment, and the type of food that he prescribed only weakened the body and its natural defenses.”

Regarding the involvement of his 16 accomplices, the prosecutor points out that they were involved in illegal activities, stating that “the accused is indeed a doctor and clinical officer who was provided with a special office space to facilitate his actions and the necessary medical equipment. He even wrote a “scientific paper” that gave his victims a misconception about his medical degrees. “

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