Chania: not so simple with the death of an 11-year-old girl

In the course of the investigation into the circumstances of the tragic death of 11-year-old Ioanna, many questions arose. Yesterday afternoon, the girl was found dead at the foot of the stone slope to the beach near the church of Agios Apostolos.

She is left home on tuesday around 8pm to go for a walk, but never came back. The surveillance camera spotted a child who passed near the traffic lights of the “Gold Coast” and headed to the sea, for an alleged walk along the “Aptera” beach. In her hands, the girl carried a package from a local supermarket. According to the information, she bought some of the groceries before heading to the place where her body was later found.

After the girl did not spend the night at home, on Wednesday her relative informs the police about the disappearance, at about 11 am. Police, fire brigade and coastal service officers took part in the search, literally combing the entire territory. A fire brigade drone was deployed and an appeal was released with details of the girl and her photograph. Finally, a lifeless body was found near Agios Apostolos, on the beach. It is believed that the teenage girl fell from a great height onto the rocks.

The examination and forensic examination ruled out a violent cause of death, however, judging by the testimony, this is not an accident. During the autopsy, carried out by the forensic scientist, it was found that there were no traces of sliding along the cliff, Ioanna fell perpendicular to the stones. She has head injuries, and eyewitnesses to the incident saw a girl standing on the edge of a cliff.

During the investigation, the police had many questions, the main of which were: under what circumstances the child left his home and why so late, after many hours of her absence, the disappearance was reported.

It was found that the girl has 2 more brothers. The situation in the family after the parents’ divorce was difficult. Two years ago, there were certain legal events that caused alarm in the Chania community. The children grew up in an unfavorable environment and it is not yet known whether social services knew about this.

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