Black sun by Roman Protasevich. Did the ex-chief editor of “Nekhta” fight in “Azov”

The detention of the Belarusian opposition leader Roman Protasevich in Ukraine is being discussed from the other side. It turned out that one of the leaders of the Telegram channel “Nekhta” was close to the Azov regiment in the Donbass.

Definitely, he was at the disposal of this unit during the hostilities. And, according to some reports, he personally fought. Although in Azov itself, this is now officially denied.

“Strana” traced the Ukrainian part of Protasevich’s biography.

Felled Lenin on the Maidan

The fact that Roman Protasevich took part in the protests at the Euromaidan, he told himself in interview Russian journalist Yuri Dudyu last year.

“I was wondering how it all works. And in general it is interesting when such events are at a distance. One night by train – and everything is different there, ”said Protasevich.

According to him, he spent a week on the Maidan and returned to Belarus after he suffered from the actions of the Berkut.

“Then“ Berkut ”broke my head and had to return to Minsk. Because, of course, in Ukraine I could not get any help. I remember that after one of the dispersals, when I flew in too, they put me in an ambulance with gas poisoning, but they saw a Belarusian passport – they tore up the medical report and said: “That’s it, you’re healthy. Come out, ”the Belarusian oppositionist said.

In the picture on Facebook, he, with berored flag of Belarus, takes part in the destruction of the monument to Lenin.

It should be noted that during the “Maidan” the journalists also got it from the security forces.

But, mainly, injuries and mutilations were the lot of the Maidan activists, who were involved in military clashes with the police.

The fact that Roman was not just watching is evidenced by this photo. It was allegedly made at the broken monument to Lenin on Bessarabka in Kiev. Protasevich smiles at her, shows the victory sign (V) with his fingers and is wrapped in the red and white flag of the Belarusian opposition.

That is, it clearly supports what is happening. Moreover, on the Maidan, judging by this photo, he was already at the beginning of the protests (Lenin was overthrown on December 8, 2013).

“I was injured.” What Protasevich did in Donbass

In numerous interviews, Roman himself said that he spent a year in the war zone in the Donbass – but exclusively as a journalist. At the same time, he himself said that “I had wounds.”

Belarusian journalist Grigory Azarenok, who supports Lukashenko, claimed that Protasevich went to Donbass in the summer of 2014.

Thanks to his acquaintance with the head of the Ukrainian “National Alliance” Igor Guz, who had previously been detained in Belarus for protest actions, Protasevich ended up in “Azov”.

“At his suggestion, he joined the Azov battalion, where he underwent special training in hand-to-hand combat, shooting from firearms, assault actions, sabotage and subversive work. In the winter of 2015, he rose to the rank of deputy commander of communications of the second shock and assault company. financing for the needs of “Azov” “, – said Azarenok.

According to him, Roman in “Azov” had the call sign “Kim” (publication Radio Liberty, from 2015.

The journalist did not provide evidence of such a career. However, the fact of Protasevich’s involvement in Azov was recently confirmed after his photograph was found on the cover of the regiment’s official magazine, Black Sun.

Social networks began to actively discuss this photo.

“Yes, in the photo is the same Roman Protasevich. Belarusian propagandist and instigator of riots who was removed from a plane in Minsk.

Yes, this is the uniform of “Azov” – a neo-Nazi battalion that took part in the conflict in Donbass on the side of the Ukrainian government.

Yes, this is the propaganda newspaper of the Azov battalion, with neo-Nazi symbols and so on.

Comparative analysis of photographs shows their identity, despite the processing

The newspaper was called “Black Sun.” The Black Sun (German: Schwarze Sonne) is an esoteric occult symbol widely used by modern Nazis.

Yes, Protasevich served in Azov.

This was confirmed yesterday by former Azov commander Andrey Biletsky. Here is a direct quote:

“Yes, Roman really, together with Azov and other military units, fought against the occupation of Ukraine. He was with us in Shirokino, where he was wounded. But his weapon as a journalist was not a machine gun, but a word. “

Although in this photo we see not a word, but a machine gun. Now let’s add two plus two and draw conclusions, ”writes lawyer Alexei Romanov.

The issue of the magazine dated July 3, 2015 does not contain any mention of Protasevich. But there they criticized the American congressmen, thanks to whom they adopted an amendment banning US aid to the Azov regiment, accusing it of neo-Nazism.

In general, the magazine, starting with the title, which refers to Nazi occult practices and up to the fierce criticism of LGBT people on its pages, characterizes Roman Protasevich, flaunting on its cover, well.

Although the fact that Roman is a man of right-wing nationalist views has been known for a long time. On the eve of Maidan, he was a member of the Young Front, a center-right organization that led street actions against Lukashenka and for reducing the role of the Russian language in the country. Protasevich was repeatedly detained there.

But nevertheless, the question remains – what was Roman doing in Azov?

There is a video on the network in which Protasevich’s father says to the Nastoyaschye Vremya publication literally the following: “Cases started on my son back in 2014, when he was in Donbass and fought on the side of the Ukrainian army.

However, after the arrest, Roman’s dad changed his position and told the same media that his son had traveled to Ukraine as a photojournalist. “I personally don’t know that he fought in Donbass,” said the father of the editor-in-chief of “Nekhta”.

However, so far the line that Protasevich fought in the Donbass is official in Belarus. President Alexander Lukashenko said today: “Let the Western defenders answer: what special services did the two detainees work for? Who paid the bastard who killed people in fraternal Ukraine? “

And, probably, this will be viewed by the Belarusian security officials as an aggravating circumstance for Protasevich.

At the same time, in Azov itself, Roman’s participation in hostilities is not confirmed. Although they do not deny that he constantly came to the regiment.

“He was with us in Shirokino”

Former regiment commander Andrey Biletsky described the participation of “Nekhta” in his unit as follows: “Yes, Roman really, together with Azov and other military units, fought against the occupation of Ukraine. He was with us in Shirokino, where he was wounded. But his weapon as a journalist was not a machine gun, but a word. “

That is, on the one hand, there is confirmed information about the injury of Protasevich, the words of his father about participation in hostilities and a photo with a machine gun and camouflage.

Members of “Azov” with whom “Strana” spoke, say that Protasevich did not participate in hostilities, but he often visited the positions of the regiment.

“He did not serve in the regiment and was not included in the regiment’s lists. Roman has repeatedly visited the positions of Azov near Mariupol in 2014. He then worked as a journalist for opposition Belarusian publications. It is likely that he could have been in a group of foreign volunteers. In these years, the regiment informally had such a group of foreign volunteers. Which were presented as evidence of “international support for Azov.” Some of the foreigners fought, but most of them were not allowed to the front. The fact is that many were under secret surveillance, Azov counterintelligence feared that spies from the GRU and FSB of the Russian Federation would try to infiltrate the regiment The group was directly subordinate to the regiment commander and his press service. But Roma Protasevich did not take part in the hostilities, “said one of the Azov members of the period 2014-2015 Yuri K.

Veteran “Azov” Alexey Butorin said that on the front line near Mariupol, he does not remember that Protasevich took part in hostilities.

“There were Belarusians, a group of them stood near Cossack. But I don’t remember such a guy, ”Butorin said.

Another former member of the unit from Kiev, Viktor, recalls that Roman Protasevich came to the second line of Azov positions in 2015. But he did not take a direct part in the battles, but worked in the unit as a volunteer.

“The photo in the Azov newspaper with a fighter similar to Protasevich is most likely staged. Then he was in the disposition, he often came as a journalist. And he was, as it were, his own for the press service. Young, handsome. So they took it off for the screensaver in the newspaper, ”the resident of Kiev assures.

At the same time, this screensaver is already being censored on the Web. Strana’s special correspondent Olesya Medvedeva, who published a post about Roman Protasevich on the cover of the Azov magazine, received a weekly ban on Facebook.

“As expected, actually! Natsiks cannot be denigrated in fb! They are afraid of the truth, they hurt the eye a lot, ”Medvedeva commented.

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