The Volos guy is now officially a woman

A new page in the life of a young man from Volos was opened by the World Court by granting his petition for a sex change.

The same court has issued two similar decisions in recent years, with half of the cases handled by justices of the peace across the country, half of which dealt with gender reassignment from men to women and the rest from women to men.

According to the local site, the young man applied for a sex change in early February 2021, the meeting was held in complete secrecy in the personal office of the magistrate on April 14, and the decision was made in May.

The man who submitted the application was born in Volos, and the boy is listed on the birth certificate. However, since childhood, he showed symptoms of transgender disorder. That is, the inner world perception, the way he perceives his gender, does not correspond to the sex registered at birth on the basis of his biological characteristics, therefore, he experiences “gender discomfort”.

According to the court’s decision, from a very early age, the applicant’s perception of his gender was inconsistent with his biological characteristics and his choices regarding clothing, shoes, toys and friends, as well as his personal perception of his own body. The applicant clearly has a female face, as his relatives and wider social environment have realized.

In recent years, a man has been undergoing hormonal treatment for the acquisition of secondary female sexual characteristics (a change in the timbre of the voice, a decrease in hair growth and a redistribution of body fat).

The court’s decision says that registering government documents in his real name causes difficulties, causing confusion due to his appearance, which negatively affects him and the free development of his personality.

The Magistrates’ Court ruled that “the application was accepted, as a result of which the applicant was recognized as a woman or a ‘girl’, and that his / her first and last name should be brought into line with the concept of ‘female’ (with correction of the birth certificate)”.

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