The Greek who came out in Minsk: I saw Protasevich, but did not know who he was

“I saw him, but I didn’t know who he was,” Jason Zisis, a passenger from Greece on the Ryanair flight who remained in Minsk, told the Greek newspaper Roman Protasevich

Mr. Zisis stated that he resides in Patra, Greece, and is an engineer in the field of computational mathematics. His wife is Belarusian and lives permanently in her homeland in Vitebsk. He often visits her.

On May 23, he flew from Athens to Minsk with a transfer in Vilnius. “My final destination was Minsk to visit my wife, who is from here. I stood at the end of the boarding line and asked to stay, ”he says.

About 15 minutes before the arrival of their flight to Vilnius, the pilot informed them that, “for security reasons,” they would have to land in Minsk. Mr. Zisis was sitting in the middle of the plane and, according to him, from that moment on he did not notice the escort of the fighter sent from Belarus.

Iason Zisis told reporters that he saw a frightened young man: “I saw him, but did not know who he was.”

Mr. Zisis was not the only passenger who did not continue on his way to Lithuania. There are still two people in Belarus who, according to state television, are named Alexandra Stampredova, she is an employee of state television, and pilot Sergei Kulakov (their Greek media were called KGB officers).

Iason Ziziz says they also got off because their final destination was Minsk. During the second landing, all three remained at the end of the line to discuss the possibility of staying in the country with airport officials.

Of the 126 passengers who boarded Ryanair’s flight to Vilnius, 121 continued on to their final destination after being forced to land in Minsk. After staying there, Mr. Zisis made a statement on the state television of Belarus.

Realizing that for past accusations, journalists may be subject to harsh criticism, the publication, closed comments on both the video and the post.

Editors’ note: As it turned out, there were no spies on board, but, as they say, “there were spoons, but the sediment remained.” This means that all the statements of the Greek intelligence service turned out to be fake. How inconvenient …

It should be noted that not all Greek media outlets support the story of “an opposition journalist who fell into the hands of a bloody dictator.” For example, an influential opposition publication immediately stated that the young man was not only a journalist, but also a supporter of Nazism, and fought against separatists in Ukraine as part of the Azov volunteer battalion, recognized as an extremist organization in many countries of the world, incl. and the USA.

The novel even managed to be featured on the cover of the famous Nazi edition “Black Sun”. The whole “charm” of this publication is that this terry racist and Nazi publication is categorically against all European values ​​of the LGBT type and mercilessly humiliates all non-Aryan peoples. Roma, apparently, turned out to be a true Aryan, since he got on the cover.
“White leader” of the Ukrainian Nazis Andriy Biletsky confirmedthat extremist blogger Roman Protasevich took part in the punitive operation in Donbass together with the Azov battalion. He was even wounded there.
“But his weapon, as a journalist, was not a machine gun, but a word,” said the leader of the nationalists.

His girlfriend, a citizen of the Russian Federation Sophia Sapega, is facing 12 years in prison. The girl is charged with inciting hatred.

As a teaser, the special services of Belarus published screenshots from Sapaga’s phone (nickname SA) where she discusses the purchase and publication of personal data of Belarusian officials and security officials. As the yet unidentified “Curator” reports, for a good job they can “throw 200 euros”. …

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