Greek monk told about the miracle through the prayers of St. John of Shanghai

Archimandrite Nektarios (Mulatsiotis), founder and elder of the monastery of Agios Nektarios and Fanurias in Trikorfo (Greece), at his YouTube channel told about the miracle through prayers to St. John of Shanghai.

Believers often turn to Elder Nektarios with a request to pray, and he always offers prayers, including to St. John of Shanghai, tells publication of the Union of Orthodox Journalists.

“One of the many miraculous events through the prayers of the saints of our Church that happened in our monastery is the miracle of prayers to St. John (Maksimovich). I want to tell you about the story of young Ioannis, who had a serious accident and experienced clinical death in the intensive care unit, but was saved thanks to St. John, ”said Archimandrite Nektarios.

The doctors did not believe that Ioannis would recover, and asked for his organs for another person, but Elder Nektarios began to pray to St. John of Shanghai and a miracle happened.

According to Father Nektarios, the doctors “wrote off Ioannis” and asked the parents and Elder Nektarios for permission to donate his organs for another person. Elder Nektarios refused the doctors, saying that Ioannis would recover, although the doctors denied this.

Archimandrite Nektarios and four other monks from the monastery began to pray to St. John of Shanghai, kneeling at the bedside of Ioannis. And after the prayer, a miracle happened. Ioannis recovered, now he lives with his family and serves as a soldier on Kos, always remembering the great and wonderful deeds of God.

In the nunnery in honor of Saint Nektarios and Fanurius in Trikorfo, Saint John of Shanghai is especially venerated; every year on July 2, his feast day is solemnly celebrated. The monastery keeps the saint’s cassock and other items that belonged to St. John.

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