A Greek who survived clinical death spoke about the help of Paisius the Holy Mountain

Argiris Mitzis from the city of Megali-Vrisi (Greece) told what he experienced after his clinical death and about the miraculous help of the Monk Paisios the Holy Mountain. The story of a former atheist was published in Youtube March 19, 2021.

“If at least one out of a hundred believes what I’m going to tell you, it will not be bad: maybe at least one darling will be saved. It was difficult for me to decide to speak in public, but I am ready to answer for my words. If some people doubt and say that I am “exaggerating”, then I can show them the documents from the hospital, proving the veracity of my words, “said the man.

He said that earlier he had led a wrong way of life and, “without ceasing, he used to swear and blaspheme the Lord and the Mother of God.” Once he had a heart attack, and the doctors decided to urgently perform an operation. At some point, the man “passed out and found himself in some other place, in complete darkness. Around him were the souls of people who called for help and asked for pardon. There was a terrible stench all around. <...> He realized that he was in hell. “

According to him, he underwent terrible tortures and “for the first time in forty-eight years turned to God with prayer”, after which he saw the light approaching him and “a young man with blond hair, a light beard and green eyes. He put his hand on my head and said: “Do not be afraid, I am here.” Argyris woke up and the doctors informed him that he had experienced clinical death. At the same time, on his hand, he saw “a burn in the form of a crown, over which there were three sixes.”

“When I was in the hospital, there was an icon in front of my bed, and the saint on it looked straight into my eyes,” the man continued. – I felt his gaze on me all the time. I called a nurse and asked her to remove this icon and show me a closer look. She brought it to me. It was St. Paisius Svyatorets. “

The faith of the survivor of clinical death was still very weak, but, on the advice of his believing friend, the man went to the monastery, where he confessed for the first time in his life. In the monastery he was “overwhelmed by a terrible anger,” but the brethren prayed for him for three days and three nights, after which “the stigma with sixes almost completely disappeared.”

Argiris asked to take him to Suroti, to the grave of St. Paisius the Holy Mountain, and there, according to him, a second miracle happened: a nun approached him, called him by name and said that “the saint told us that you would come.” She took him first to the grave, and then “she did the greatest honor — she took him to the saint’s cell.”

“Since then, my life has changed a lot. I live in poverty, but Christ dwells in my house, and Saint Paisius is always with me. For some he is just a saint, but for me he is like a father. Since then, as I feel his presence in my life, I began to live in a completely different way. He guides me and advises me, ”said the man.

When, six months later, Argyris again had a heart attack, and he “lay down on the operating table with a ten percent chance of surviving,” another miracle happened to him, he said – the saint himself appeared to him.

“I was lying and looking at the ceiling, when suddenly I felt that the chamber was filled with a fragrance. And then I saw Saint Paisius. He said: “Get up, bummer, stop lying around! You are all right. Get up and give the bed to another patient.” I can confirm with medical certificates that two days later I was disconnected from all devices, and I began to walk. My doctor can tell you the same thing. On the second day, when he came to me, I felt great, as if I had not had the operation.

<...> I was discharged from the hospital and live my life. I don’t know what you think about what I have told you. I was diagnosed with cancer of the larynx, but until today I have never asked the saint to heal me. Every day I pray for the whole world, and also … I don’t know, maybe this is audacity, but I ask the Lord that when my time comes to depart for another world, Saint Paisius Svyatogorets will come for me. So that he took my hand and we left together … ”, – said the former atheist.


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