Reaction to Ryanair’s landing in Minsk

Ryanair received a flurry of user criticism after a plane en route from Athens to Vilnius made an emergency landing at Minsk airport. Among the passengers flying to Vilnius was Roman Protasevich.

Some users on the network asked: “How much did your pilots pay?” Others wondered, “Why did you do this?” And still others said: “You killed your passenger! Do you understand this? ” However, everyone, as one, requires an explanation from the company.

The liner on board which was Roman Protasevich, the creator of the Nexta Telegram channel, has landed in Minsk. Law enforcers rushed to arrest him, because Protasevich, a supporter of the opposition, was included in the list of persons involved in terrorist activities. The Investigative Committee of Belarus opened criminal cases against Putilo and Protasevich on charges of actions aimed at “inciting social hatred” against government officials and organizing mass riots.

Ryanair’s actions on the network were considered “a crime against humanity”, and the company itself was called “an accomplice of the dictator.” Users are not shy in expressions: “Shame on you for supporting the illegal regime and political repression in Belarus!” They also demand an international investigation into the incident, given that Protasevich could face the death penalty:

“Hey Ryanair, your plane was stolen by the Belarusian government. One of your passengers could be killed. Where is your reaction ?! “

The authors of the Nexta Internet project are on the interstate wanted list. In the fall, a Minsk court recognized the materials of the Telegram channel Nexta, which actively covers the protests in Belarus, as extremist. After that, the project underwent a rebranding, its new name is Nekhta, using the Cyrillic alphabet instead of the Latin alphabet.

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