Freelancer from Volos fell victim to a scam

A citizen posted an advertisement on websites on the Internet about a used aluminum door that he wanted to sell, but instead of getting the money, he had to “pay”, and it was really expensive!

This story is about a freelancer from Volos who fell victim to a scam and lost 18,000 euros from his account overnight.

The stranger, who called the 57-year-old man and showed interest in the ad, told him that he was at an ATM and asked for a 16-digit number on the face of his debit card, ostensibly to pay a fee. The victim did not suspect what would happen next, since he did not provide the PIN code. But after a while, he started receiving SMS from two other banks, which … thanked him for withdrawing money from his account.

The freelancer was horrified to realize that every 15 minutes, 3000 euros are transferred from his account to two others! However, the scammer has repeatedly contacted him, claiming that he made a mistake and will return the money, apparently so as not to deactivate the account! However, literally emptying the account, i.e. having transferred a total of 18,800 euros, the fraudster “disappeared”.

A frightened 57-year-old man rushed to the Volos security service, which is investigating the case in order to find out the owner of the accounts to which the money was transferred.

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