Expert: “It is possible that in September we will have a new wave of coronavirus”

Charalambos Gogos, professor of pathology at the University of Patras, expressed his opinion: “It is possible that in September we will have a new wave of coronavirus, the side effects from vaccines are extremely rare.”

“Thrombocytopenia (thrombosis) occurs in one case in a billion, this side effect is extremely rare,” the professor said. According to Haralambos Gogos, the decline in the number of coronavirus cases in our country continues slowly but steadily.

“It looks like the recession is not as big as we expected. Our viral load has decreased by 10-15%, while the number of hospitalizations and seriously ill patients has significantly decreased, and this is the most important thing. The positivity indicator (θετικότητας) 4% is not bad at all, ”said the professor speaking on the OPEN TV channel.

Mr Gogos also mentioned a case of thrombosis in a 44-year-old woman in Crete after being vaccinated with AstraZeneca. The specialist noted: “We are dealing with rare cases,” adding that if someone develops a blood clot after the first dose of the vaccine, citizens can receive a second vaccination with another drug.

Regarding the reliability of the self-test, he stressed that a citizen who has symptoms should take a molecular or rapid test and not rely on self-testing alone. “If someone shows symptoms of coronavirus, regardless of the result of the self-diagnosis test, he must take a test in the honey. institution.

“A self test is not as accurate as a molecular or rapid test. It can detect not 100%, but 60-80%, which means that a significant percentage of asymptomatic people will not infect others. It is a public health tool, ”said the professor.

Finally, Mr. Gogos left open the opportunity to face a new wave of the pandemic in September. “Uncertainty is a feature of this pandemic. But it is in our hands. In the summer, more than 50-60% will be vaccinated, therefore, it may be possible to avoid the third wave,” the professor of pathology concluded.

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