September 22, 2023

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Eurovision: Italy became the winner of the international competition

Maneskin from Italy with a hard rock song Zitti e Buoni won the Eurovision 2021 competition held in Rotterdam. The results of the vote by the national jury and spectators were announced on the night of Sunday 23 May.

This is the first victory of Italy after 1990; in total, in the history of the competition, representatives of this country have won, now, three times. As a result of the vote, the Maneskin group received 524 points.

In the top ten contestants, the places were distributed as follows:

Maneskin (Italy) Barbara Pravy (France) Gjon’s Tears (Switzerland) Daði og Gagnamagnið (Iceland) Go_A (Ukraine) Blind Channel (Finland) Destini (Malta) The Roop (Lithuania) Manizha (Russia) Stephanie (Greece).

Severe epidemiological measures on the 65th in a row competition acted everywhere and for everyone – participants, journalists, technical staff took regular coronavirus tests. For a musician from Iceland, the test turned out to be positive, so the audience evaluated the final performance of the participating group from the recording made at the rehearsal. However, this did not prevent Daði og Gagnamagnið from taking 4th place:

The winner of the last Eurovision song contest, the Dutchman Duncan Lawrence, also failed to perform – his test also turned out to be positive. The audience had to pass compulsory testing, while their number was reduced to 3500. This is approximately 1/5 of the seats available in the hall. For the government, Eurovision was the first mass event, a kind of experiment in a pandemic.

Speeches by all other top ten participants:

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