Battering ram as a means "get through" to the boss

An officer working as a secretary at the local police station in Rhodes rammed the passenger car of the head of the Dodecanese Police Department with his truck.

The incredible incident took place this morning in Rhodes, near the office of the Dodecanese Police Department. The officer deliberately committed an accident in which a vehicle belonging to the head of the Police Department, Mr. Michalis Kaliorakis, was damaged. Having made a ram, the policeman got out of the truck and began to hit the parked car of the authorities with a sledgehammer.

As it became known, a police officer who served as a secretary at the police station in Rhodes, and later in the immigration department, committed a criminal act. Then he went up to the first floor, went to the office of the police chief, knocked down the door, rushed in and began to threaten. It is noted that the police officer had a weapon with him, which was taken from him by the guards, who hastened to immobilize his insane colleague.

The officer has been arrested and will be duly punished in accordance with the law. The information says that before the incident, he submitted a letter of resignation. Presumably the reason for the violent attack was a long-standing unresolved work problem that lasted for the past 2 years. The accused will be examined by a psychiatrist at the General Hospital of Rhodes.

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