The ban on movement: when will it be lifted?

The curfew could be lifted in the coming months, Adonis Georgiadis said. A debate is coming up about a partial cessation of wearing a mask.

The travel ban remains in effect and now starts at 00:30. The change came at the same time as a number of other travel restrictions were lifted, such as county-to-county travel restrictions and mandatory SMS messaging.

In particular, from 00:30 pm to 5 am, leaving the house is allowed only for work, visiting a medical facility and walking with a pet (near the house).

Moving to carry out professional activities (work) is carried out according to the same documents as until today. Whereas in the other two cases, the citizen must have a travel certificate with him, which indicates his name, place of residence and destination, as well as a specific reason for leaving home (the so-called type B certificate, plus an identity card).

It is noted that throughout Europe, this measure is either limited in time or geographically, or completely canceled, as the vaccination campaign is underway, and the number of cases is declining in most countries.

Similar ideas are being discussed by Greek authorities, according to figures released by the development minister on Saturday morning. Speaking about the curfew, Mr. Georgiadis told ANT1 TV that “from the beginning of June, the possibility of extending the curfew deadline from 00:30 can be considered. And this measure will be completely canceled in the summer.”

Midsummer and the Mask Discussion
It should be noted that there is a discussion on the abolition of the mandatory wearing of a mask for vaccinated (at the first stage).

Answering the question about the level of vaccination at which it is possible to implement these measures (removal of the mask, etc.), Ms. Vana Papaevangelu explained that “there is no magic number. Don’t wait for us to tell you the percentage. We are talking about vaccination of the population. There is no exact percentage, since there is a tendency for citizens to refuse vaccinations. The main privilege of the vaccinated is that they protect themselves, ”she said.

At the moment, the professor continued, “there is no need to talk about any additional“ freedoms ”yet. I think the first thing we think about is that some people (for example, vaccinated) will not need to self-test so often. Because vaccinated people are less likely to become infected or infect others. The discussion of measures is being conducted by the Commission of Epidemiologists. “

Of course, “first we have to give everyone the right to be vaccinated, and then talk about it”, which, in the end, depends on “how quickly vaccinations will take place”. She said she was considering “maybe in the middle of summer” given that the Covid-19 vaccination campaign is going “very well.”

“As for the mask, we saw it in Israel when a very high vaccination was given. “At the moment we are not close to this percentage,” said Mr. Gikas Mallorkinis for his part. “When we arrive, when we approach, I think logically that in the middle of summer we can succeed. But first it will be a discussion in the Commission. “This is not what we will say now, a magic percentage, as the professor said, and after this percentage the situation will change,” concluded the epidemiologist.

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