Murder in Glyka Nera: video caught by criminals discovered

A piece of video from surveillance cameras has been discovered, which caught the killers of 20-year-old Caroline in Glick Nera.

The large-scale investigation of the crime, the robbery of the house and the murder of a young mother in front of an 11-month-old child was joined not only by law enforcement agencies, but also by reporters from the “Light in the Tunnel” program with the participation of Angelica Nikoluli.

A journalistic investigation was launched with the aim of collecting information about a heinous crime. The reporters walked the entire route that the criminals probably followed, examining the deserted nearby road step by step. And their efforts were crowned with success. The camera recorded a dark car moving along the road. Which, after about two hours, returns and disappears instantly.

What the 32-year-old husband of a victim who died at the hands of brutal robbers says
Caroline’s husband intends to put an end to rumors and scripts that have spread over the past few days about what happened in their house on Panaguli Street. He is especially annoyed by the information published in the media that his wife visited a psychologist, since this has nothing to do with the tragic events.

“I really don’t know who would have thought that the psychologist we turned to after my wife gave birth had anything to do with the robbery. I have heard different versions and assumptions … But the fact that our psychologist will help find criminals is the most impossible today, ”he said.

Suspicious car caught on video footage
According to, The key to the case is most likely “hidden” on Diadohu Pavlu Street, not far from the place where the robbers did their dirty deed.

According to the data, the footage from the surveillance camera provided to the investigative journalism program shows a car moving along Lavriou Avenue and turning left, continuing towards Diadochou Pavlou Street. The time is 3:36 am.

Approximately two hours later, at 5:30 in the morning, when the criminals are allegedly hiding from the scene, we see the same car pulling from Diadohu Pavlu Street to Lavriou Avenue, quickly crossing it and turning towards Agia Paraskevi.

Were they really criminals?
Reporters followed the vehicle’s path and found a spot in a vacant lot that the criminals had probably used to cover and monitor the house. There is little housing in the area, and criminals could walk unnoticed to the maisonette through the wasteland. The cameras of the neighboring company did not work, and the residents who left the other house dismantled the cameras as unnecessary.

“We saw suspicious” movements “a few days before …”
Local residents tell reporters for the Light in the Tunnel program about strange movements a few days before the horrific crime in Glyka Nera. “In the previous days I heard the roar of a motorcycle … It lingered for a few seconds at the corner of Parodos from Panaguli. Then, having made a circle, he left. I got the impression that it was a powerful bike. I can’t say anything else, because it was already late, about two o’clock in the morning, ”said the victim’s neighbor.

Another witness, who lives near the house where the tragedy occurred, told on the air of the program what happened a few days earlier. “We were also in the spotlight. At four o’clock in the morning the bell at our door rang twice. Fifteen or twenty days ago, they were investigating the situation in the village. If someone saw a man on a bike who was driving slowly, then he immediately threw on the hood so that his facial features were not visible. “

Chronicle of the crime in Glyka Nera
The tragedy happened on the night of Tuesday May 11, at the home of a civilian helicopter pilot and his wife Caroline.

According to the head of the family, three robbers entered through the basement window of their villa, having previously eliminated a watchdog that could bark out the criminals. The attackers then reached the attic where the couple slept with their 11-month-old baby.

It looks like 20-year-old Caroline, who was a martial artist, reacted. However, the girl did not manage to cope with a healthy bug, which immobilized her, and then, so that she would not scream, strangled her with a pillow.

The husband, although he was tied up and gagged, at 06:30 he was able to call first the 100 service, and then his neighbors and a friend.

According to law enforcement agencies, the robbers are gone. This time they enriched themselves in the amount of 10,000 euros, taking with them the jewelry and jewelry that were in the house of the couple. An investigation is underway.

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