Great Britain: farmers who have gone on well-deserved rest will receive from 50 to 100 thousand pounds

In England, elderly farmers will receive from the government at least £ 50,000 for retirement, or even all of £ 100,000. The amount of the payment depends on the area of ​​the land plot.

According to the BBC, the authorities are trying to “rejuvenate” the industry so that young eco-active farmers come to replace the elderly conservatives.

Currently, the average age of people involved in farming is 59 years old. At the same time, almost half of them have crossed the 65-year age limit. George Eustis, Minister of the Environment, laments their conservatism and notes that many are “resisting green new practices” in agriculture.

By providing young people with access to land, the government hopes that they will be more responsible in protecting forests and water bodies, using alternative energy sources, and paying tribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Farmers are now receiving support of £ 21,000 per year. The planned lump-sum payment will make it possible to receive about the same amount that the farmer could earn by continuing to work. Such a measure will allow older people to live with dignity in old age, and the most active – to engage in another type of activity. TFA, the Tenant Farmers Association, asked farmers how they viewed the government’s move. More than 3/4 of them were seriously interested.

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