“I saw my house burning, I was crying in the morning” – sad footage from Alepochori

“Everything was burned, I cried in the morning,” – this is how the inhabitants of the Alepochori region describe the events when their houses were engulfed in a strong fire, which has been raging in the region of Western Corinthia for the third day already.

Mr. Vasilis, who lives in Mavrolimni, left his home yesterday after police alerted residents of the area to an urgent evacuation as a firestorm was approaching.

“Now I have come to pick up what is left and will go to my daughter in Salamis,” he told Sputnik reporters.

“I saw my house on fire”

“Everything was burned …” sighs Mr. Panayiotis, who, despite not being a permanent resident of the area, came every week from Thursday to Sunday to his house in Alepochori, which has now turned to ashes. …

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“All roads have been blocked. We did everything to come here. And when they arrived, they saw the fire very close, ”he describes.

With the help of the generator, they started the pump and tried to water all the trees on the site with water so that they would not burn out.

“We asked for help from the fire department within two hours,” he tells us. “Neither helicopters nor airplanes flew here.”

In the end, they left two minutes before the whole house was engulfed in flames, trying to save him until the last moment.

All this happened yesterday, Thursday, at about 21:00.

According to Mr. Panayotis, they were waiting at the port and at 5 am they managed to bypass the police cordon. His words are shocking: “We saw our house on fire.”

Firefighters extinguished neighboring houses, and I begged them to come to us to extinguish the big fire so that it doesn’t get worse. At about 07:00 in the morning, the fire was extinguished.

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“It’s terrible, here are all our memories from childhood, my life passed here, I cried a lot. From the very morning I think it was a bad dream … ”

Like us previously reported, the fire broke out on Wednesday night, while burning branches in an olive groveand by noon the next day about 25,000 acres (10,112 hectares) of land had been reduced to ash. At the time of publication, about 40 thousand acres (16,187 hectares) of forest and agricultural land were burned out, dozens of residential houses and other real estate objects were damaged.

Ministry of Citizens Protection: “The fire has not yet been brought under control”

The resurgence of a front of fire near Megara led to the evacuation of the Papagianneika settlement.

The firefighting battle in the Geranean Mountains is titanic as firefighters are faced with wildfires that burn in disparate and hard-to-reach locations. According to the relevant order of the authorities, the village of Papagianneika in Megara was evacuated, as a fire resumed near it.

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According to the latest information from the fire service, residents have already left their homes.

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