Heartbreaking view: the scale of the Alepochori disaster from the air

The catastrophic devastation caused by fires in Northwest Corinth and Attica in drone video. The agony of nature and the great struggle for survival continues. The great fire that began Wednesday night in Schinos, Corinth, and has already spread to Attica, has left heartbreaking consequences that are especially clearly visible from a bird’s eye view. The MegaraTv drone tried to capture the scale of the disaster in this shocking video. At the moment, at least 60,000 acres (24.8 thousand hectares) have been burned, the vast majority of which are located in the municipality of Megara. This is one of the most catastrophic fires in Greece in the past decade. The footage in this video is taken from the area of ​​Duraco Alepochori to the monastery of Agios Ioannis Prodromos: Great Fire in Corinth and Attica has been raging for the third day, and the country’s authorities are making every effort, continuing a fierce battle to extinguish it. According to the authors of Pronews TV, the fires were provoked by the owners of wind turbines. Perhaps this is conspiracy theories, but why then white wind turbine towers grow on the site of the conflagrations in a year and a half? …

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