Criminal negligence behind the Schinos fire

The unprecedented carelessness and lack of individual responsibility as the dominant element of modern Greek society are the factors that led to people wanting to burn dry branches in an olive grove near Schinos around 9 p.m. Wednesday, but as a result they burned down the whole area.

On Thursday morning, fire department investigators promptly investigated, and experienced officers immediately identified how the fire started and who was to blame. Several hours after the investigation was completed, Deputy Minister of Civil Protection Nikos Hardalias confirmed the arson.

Obviously, justice will try to distribute responsibility among the perpetrators and they will be rewarded for what they have done. However, the question remains unanswered, how the citizens of this country, which only three years ago mourned more than 100 victims in Mati and plunged into collective mourning, still behave so irresponsibly and do not think about the consequences of their actions.

Such crimes must be punished in a demonstrative manner, so that at some point, we hope, every citizen of the country realizes that he can not only demand the satisfaction of his rights, but must also fulfill his duties.

Here, on May 21, fires were recorded.

How the fire started

A fire broke out Wednesday night in Schinos, Corinthia. 166 firefighters in 54 vehicles, 7 groups of foot and motorized special forces rushed to the place of the fire. Traffic on the roads in the area was stopped and six villages and settlements were evacuated: Shinos, Agia Sotira, Vamvakies, Mavrolimni, Mazi, Paraskeva and two monasteries, Agios Ioannis Makrinos and Agia Paraskevi.

Almost immediately, firefighting aviation joined in extinguishing the fire: 14 aircraft and 2 helicopters. However, the results were not very encouraging.

See statements by the fire chief:

Fire Chief Statement on the Situation in Shini Corinthias

Statement by the chief of the fire department on the situation in Shini Corinthias. May 21, 2021

Posted by Russian Athens – Russian Athens on Friday, May 21, 2021

On Thursday morning, the fire moved towards Alepochori. At noon, it turned out that the fire in the Schinos-Alepochori area in Geranea was beginning to subside, but the strong wind that began to blow in this place activated the fire front, which turned towards Megara. Service 112 was immediately activated and three other localities from Hani Derveniu to Ano and Kato Pefkenea were evacuated as a precautionary measure.

The firefighting battle in the Geranean Mountains is titanic as firefighters are faced with wildfires that burn in disparate and hard-to-reach locations.

On Friday morning, the fire moved towards Megara, which led to the evacuation of the village of Papagianneika.

According to the relevant order of the authorities, the village of Papagianneika in Megara was evacuated, as a fire resumed near it.

View the embedded image gallery online at:

According to the latest information from the fire service, residents have already left their homes.

In total, at the time of publication, according to an emergency briefing by the Deputy Minister of Civil Protection and Anti-Crisis Management Nikos Hardalias, about 40 thousand acres (16,187 hectares) of forest and agricultural land had already been burned out. Dozens of residential homes and other properties were also affected.

The National Observatory of Athens has released photographs taken by the Sentinel-2 satellite, which flew over Western Attica and Eastern Corinthia on Thursday. The photo shows the burned-out areas (they are brown in color), through which the fire passed, as well as places where there is an active fire front and a cloud of smoke. …

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