Austria: patient amputated … wrong leg

An incredible tragic mistake occurred in an Austrian clinic – a patient was amputated with a healthy limb instead of a sick one. It was discovered only after 2 days.

The incident took place in a small town near the Czech border, at the Freistadt clinic. The management of the medical institution said that there was a “tragic mistake” and the entire staff of the clinic was “deeply shocked.”

The lucky patient was an 82-year-old man. Now he is receiving psychological support and mentally preparing for another test – amputation of the second leg.

After the investigation, it turned out that before the operation itself, the surgeons marked the wrong leg, which led to a tragic error, discovered only during a planned dressing 2 days after surgery. The clinic published a statement that is unlikely to make it easier for the injured patient:

“We are deeply shocked that an 82-year-old man had the wrong leg amputated on Tuesday, despite quality control protocols.”

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