December 10, 2023

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WHO recommends not rushing international travel

The World Health Organization believes that COVID-19 is still not defeated, so travel between countries poses a certain danger.

Hans Kluge, head of WHO’s Europe, urged on Thursday to avoid travel abroad whenever possible:

Currently, the danger persists. We should continue to act carefully, revise or abandon travel plans abroad.

He drew attention to the fact that there are still foci of COVID-19 in European countries. Ignoring this could lead to their expansion and the spread of the coronavirus.

Kluge paid special attention to the effectiveness of the vaccines used. He noted that they all work against the currently existing strains, according to WHO experts. And the Indian variant, causing the greatest concern in different countries, has already been identified in 26 European states. Kluge emphasized once again:

Right now, in the face of continuing threat and new uncertainty, we must continue to exercise caution and rethink or avoid international travel.

The question of resuming international travel has arisen against the backdrop of successful vaccinations in most countries. Today the EU Council has decided to open its borders to all vaccinated tourists. With the only caveat – the vaccine must be approved in the European Union. The COVID Passport System will be launching very soon.

The United States is also discussing the admissibility of international travel, the question of the possibility of revising the restrictions is being dealt with in the administration of the President of the United States.

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