What attracts us so much in the opposite field

According to an Australian scientific study, women tend to value more age, education, intelligence, income, trust and emotional connection with a man. While men prefer the beauty and attractiveness of the female body, which is confirmed by previous studies, the purpose of which was to find out what attracts us so much in a partner of the opposite sex.

In general, men, at the first stage, seem to be looking for a physically attractive woman, and women, first of all, value a man’s “attractive personality”.

Nevertheless, it is worth noting that these characteristics change over time, and therefore, as they grow older, men and women tend to agree that first of all they are looking for a partner in the person with whom one can fearlessly be open and be able to trust him. …

In other words, “internal content” prevails over “external parameters”. At the age of 25, the difference becomes very noticeable: women attach much more importance to the personality of their partner than men (in relation to women).

But after 30 years, the difference ceases to be significant, men and women begin to value personal characteristics in each other. At the same time, “external data” fade into the background (although men still value a woman’s beauty and attractiveness).

After 60 years, many men (perhaps because they are gradually becoming wiser …) begin to give personality even more importance than women in relation to men.

The study, led by Dr. Stephen White of the Queensland University of Technology and published in PLoS One, analyzed the responses of 7325 people between the ages of 18 and 65 to an online questionnaire.

White says: “While both sexes have a preference for physically attractive partners, men have stronger preferences for attractiveness. Women are more selective and value other characteristics, probably because their reproductive period is more limited and they cannot risk making the “wrong” choices. ”

The study found that most men consider a woman’s physical appearance to be the most important of all other characteristics that contribute to their sex drive. Both sexes do not consider income to be an “attractive” parameter, although, what can I say, for women it remains important (in terms of a man’s ability to ensure the “formation” of offspring).

In addition, as it turned out, women are more attracted to the education and intelligence of men. However, other scholars have expressed doubts that men and women are telling the truth about the qualities they are “looking for” in their partner. Many people seem to usually say one thing and act differently in their lives …

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