“Red River” from May 19 in Russian on Youtube TV channel “OPEN”

The sensational series “Red River” (32 episodes) since May 19 has been broadcast in Russian on Youtube on the Greek “Open TV” channel, owned by Rostov businessman Ivan Savvidi.

The film is dedicated to the centenary of the genocide of the Pontic Greeks, who were expelled from their land at the beginning of the 20th century. Its release is symbolic on May 19, the Day of Remembrance of the Genocide of the Pontic people. The series about love, duty and tragedy is based on the historical novel of the same name by the writer Haris Tsirkinidis.

The film has 32 episodes, each 45 minutes long. This is a film about two lovers and the history of one people.

… The boy and the girl, betrothed in childhood, were separated by fate for many years … When they met again, they did not recognize, but fell in love … Their whole life is an attempt to unite through adversity, which are in abundance on their way. The main characters – Iphigenia and Miltos – become witnesses and participants in the tragic events that unfolded in Asia Minor at the beginning of the twentieth century. They go through great trials, exposed to dangers, along with thousands of other Pontic Greeks, caught in the meat grinder of history. To survive, they are forced to leave their homeland and start life from scratch.

Red River is a gripping historical epic in which love and the struggle for freedom overcome formidable obstacles. This is a tense plot, interest in which will grow until the crushing finale. This is a film about love that has no boundaries, which goes through suffering and death.

The plot is set in Turkey, from Trebizond to the depths of Anatolia, as well as in Paris and St. Petersburg, from 1908 to 1923.

The feature series of the OPEN channel, shown on the TV air of the 2019-2020 season, was dubbed in Russian and on Wednesday, May 19 at 16:00, was posted for free viewing on the OPEN Youtube channel.

Shooting of the series “Red River” is one of the largest television productions in Greece in recent years, realized to the highest standards:

171 main actors
1,140 extras
629 historical costumes
· A team of 40 people, including teachers of Turkish, Russian, Armenian, Pontic and French.

It took about a year to prepare a television version of Haris Tsirkinidis’s historical novel before filming began.
The shooting took place in the cult buildings of Athens and Piraeus, which, thanks to the decorators, will return the viewer to the beginning of the twentieth century:
Benizelos mansion
House of Kostis Palamas
Educational fund of the National Bank
Municipal theater of Piraeus
Hypatia’s palace
· The steamer “Thales Miletsky” in Paleo Faliro
· In the area of ​​Lavrion, a whole Pontic city was created, relying on the architecture and decor traditions of that time.

The actors and the film crew traveled to more than 10 cities in Greece for filming at locations (Kastoria, Dervenochoria, Veria, Xanthi, Edessa, Nausa, Drama, Trikala, Paleos Panteleimonas, etc.).

TV series trailer

A large group of actors and film crew traveled to France for filming in Paris, as well as to Russia – Moscow and St. Petersburg.

The presentation of the first series of “Red River” took place in early October 2019 in Greece. Among the guests was Ivan Savvidi, who financed the filming of the series.

“Today is a difficult day for me. Emotions are overwhelming. I think that the director was able to convey what happened then, what is happening today, and why we all need to know, – said Ivan Savvidi.

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