Pfizer: first case of pericarditis in Greece after vaccination

On Monday May 17th, the patient who received the second dose of Pfizer vaccine was diagnosed with a heart complication.

A case of pericarditis, which occurred shortly after the Pfizer vaccination, was officially reported in Greece. A patient presented to the emergency department of the Onassis Cardiac Surgery Center with a serious underlying medical condition and acute chest pain. The patient received a second dose of Pfizer / BioNTech vaccine on Monday.

According to a message she posted on her personal social media account, on the night of May 17, she felt unwell, and the next day she developed a high fever and severe pain in the area of ​​her heart.

In her post, the woman writes, among other things: “On Monday 17 May at 15:00, I received the second dose of the # covid-19 disease vaccine. That same night I felt unwell … The next morning my temperature rose and reached 38 ° C, but the main symptom was that from 4:00 pm to 11:30 pm, when I slept, I had incredible pain in the middle of my chest. She was so strong that I thought I was having a heart attack !!! Then I decided that my stomach was bothering me (because in the instructions that they gave me, this is mentioned as a frequent symptom).

I took the pill and tried to sleep again. In the morning I woke up in a much better condition, the sharp pain subsided, but I still felt pain with every breath …

In the end, I arrived at the emergency room in Onassis to get tested and find out what happened to me. The result came as a surprise to all of us … Pericarditis. “

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