Elafonisos is ranked 6th in the ranking of 35 Greek islands

The Municipality of Elafonisos (Δήμος Ελαφονήσου) has strengthened its position in a very positive way thanks to the online seminar “Welcome to Greece” (Benvenuti in Grecia) and a series of online meetings with the professionals of the Italian tourism market.

The event took place from 12 to 14 May and was organized by the EOT Italy Office and was the culmination of other information initiatives undertaken in the previous period. The municipality had its own stand at the exhibition, where a virtual character (avatar) could talk to visitors in real time with natural sound.

A similar action was carried out in Germany by the EOT office, where Elafonisos took part in promoting the tourist destinations of the Greek islands among the professionals of the German market.

Elafonisos is reported to be constantly at the forefront of Italy’s main market. It is featured in recent articles in publications such as Dove and Corriere Della Sera, which say that this piece of paradise is ranked 6th among the 35 most beautiful islands in Greece to visit and enjoy.

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