September 22, 2023

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Ukraine: Security Service of Ukraine Stopped Activities of Fraudulent Companies Selling Fake COVID Tests

Several bogus companies have organized manufacturers of fake negative coronavirus tests in Ukraine, according to the Ukrainian Security Service website on May 18.

It was promptly established that each “document” cost the sufferer to purchase it in about 1000 hryvnia. However, the price depended on the speed of production and on some other factors. On average, cunning businessmen sold 10 fakes a day and hoped that with the opening of the tourist season, their profits would increase significantly. But, alas, such a well-oiled business had to be closed, and most importantly – not of its own free will.

During the investigation and to interrupt the business chain, the SBU blocked a network of anonymous online resources, with the help of which businessmen sold fake sick leave certificates, certificates and negative tests for COVID-19. This network was organized last summer, in July 2020, by two enterprising people from Kiev. In addition to tests and sick leave, they produced medical certificates for obtaining driver’s licenses and other medical documents. The message on the SBU website says:

“According to preliminary data, businessmen sold up to 10 counterfeits every day. Their cost depended on the type of document and the urgency of production, but on average it was 1 thousand hryvnias.”

Fake documents were handed over to customers by express delivery service, and money for services was transferred to bank accounts opened for dummies. During the searches, mobile phones and computer equipment were seized from the detainees. The competent services are preparing to bring charges against them under Articles 358 and 205-1 of the Criminal Code – forgery of documents, stamps and seals, as well as forgery of documents for state registration of legal entities and individuals.

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