The Greek authorities plan to declare war on the mafia

Against the backdrop of a growing number of organized criminal organizations and wars over spheres of influence between them, Civil Protection Minister Michalis Chrysochoidis on Wednesday presented Supreme Court Prosecutor Vasilis Pliotas a comprehensive dossier describing the structure of organized crime in Greece over the past decade.

The file, which includes a police report, contains the names of at least 500 professional criminals who were previously imprisoned but have now been released. Dossier cases include contract killings, extortion, pimping, drug trafficking, and more.

According to ministry officials, the move by Chrysochoidis is a consequence of recent events, including contract killings and other manifestations of organized crime.

The government wants to encourage close coordination between the police and the judiciary, mainly through better case assessments, in order to better combat the growing manifestation of organized crime.

Moreover, Chrysochoidis called on Pliotas to strengthen cooperation with the local prosecutor’s office.

These attempts to create a new framework for handling organized crime cases, along with increased scrutiny during the parole process, are part of a broader effort to tackle organized crime, which includes a number of new Justice Department legislatures.

Now the main thing is not to get involved in investigations …

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