How to spend your weekend: vacation prices

Islands that can be reached by ferry or by road, such as Lefkada, as well as the coastal areas of mainland Greece, are of interest to the Greeks for “mini-getaways” on weekends after a long period of quarantine.

According to a survey by Panhellenic Real Estate Network E-Real Estates, the need for outdoor recreation outside the city is obvious, especially for residents of metropolitan areas such as Athens and Thessaloniki. Bookings for the next weekend (for short term rentals) exceed 80%.

Greeks choose “economy class” destinations considering safety due to coronavirus pandemic
According to the study, most of our fellow citizens choose destinations mainly on the mainland: to get there quickly, there is no need to buy ferry tickets and in order to avoid being among the crowds on ferries and at airports.
“Basically, the Greeks choose places for rest, located at a distance of 1.5-2 hours. At the same time, in addition to the beauty of nature, an important factor in choosing a destination is the road network.

“Tourists are mainly interested in individual apartments or houses registered on short-term rental platforms. And the demand for them is growing every day, “says Themistoklis Bakas, President of E-Real Estates, stressing that” it is no coincidence that the number of real estate registrations on short-term rental platforms has increased since the pre-COVID-19 era. “

Athenians “vote” for the Peloponnese (weekend getaway)
The Athenians, according to the data obtained for the period from 21 to 23 May, chose to visit the road destinations in the Peloponnese region, such as Kalamata, Nafplio, Loutraki, Porto Heli, Xylokastro, Leonidio, Monemvasia and Pylos.

In recent years, Kalamata, both because of its natural beauty and because of the good road network connecting it with Athens, has gained a very large-scale popularity for spending summer vacations and excursions here – for two days off. The cost of a night in Kalamata for 2 adults and 2 children up to 12 years old, in a private apartment or in a separate house (not a villa), ranges from 45 € / night to 80 € / night.

High demand for the Ionian Islands and coastal regions of Central Greece
In the region of Western Greece, Athenians mainly choose the regions of Aegialia (Aegio, Selianitika, Meal, Αίγιο, Σελιανίτικα, Τράπεζα), Kuruta in Ilia Prefecture, Kyllini and Nafpaktos.

Residents of the Western Greece region choose the nearby Ionian Islands and Zakynthos in particular, as Kyllini Port is located 45 minutes from Patras and less than 30 minutes from Pyrgos.

At the same time, the inhabitants of Etoloakarnania choose Lefkada, which can be reached by road, as well as the beaches of Epirus.
According to the report, high mobility is also noted on the beaches of Phthiotida and in the areas of Kamena Vourla, Theologos and Agios Konstantinos. These are the areas that Athenians usually choose for two-day excursions due to the fact that they can be easily and quickly reached from Athens.

Halkidiki is the best choice for residents of Northern Hellas and the Balkans
“Halkidiki will most likely become the“ hero ”of this summer. Already, mobility from Thessaloniki for one or two day excursions has reached its maximum. At the same time, the “wave” of tourists from the Balkans who visit Halkidiki by road, even for two-three-day excursions, has grown greatly. “Prices for 2 adults and 2 children up to 12 years old range from 31 € / night to 110 € / night if it is a private apartment and / or house (not a villa),” emphasizes Mr. Bakas.

More than 80% of bookings on short-term rental platforms for the next weekend
Advance bookings in all coastal tourist destinations in mainland Greece for the period 21 / 5-23 / 5, in selected apartments or houses registered on short-term rental platforms with flexible cancellation policies, exceed 80% in many areas.

Rental prices are stable and in many cases have an upward trend compared to 2020. They vary depending on the type of house, square meters, technical characteristics and proximity to the sea.

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