Exhibition Russia – Greece: Common Spiritual Space

On May 17, 2021, the opening ceremony of the exhibition of works by Moscow artists “Russia-Greece: a single spiritual space”, timed to coincide with the year of history “Russia-Greece”, took place at the Moscow House of Nationalities.

The exhibited canvases presented paintings by Moscow artists, which reflect the life and strong ties of our peoples, from the time of the baptism of Princess Olga in Constantinople to the present day, as well as paintings of modern Greece: Athens and Thessaloniki, Lesbos, Rhodes, Crete, Poros, Syros, Hydra, Kefalonia. The collection of works was created, among other things, during the many creative trips of artists at the invitation of the Ministry of Tourism of Greece with the support of the Embassy and Consular Section of Greece.

The opening ceremony of the exhibition included: welcoming speeches, a concert part, familiarization with the works of artists, the final informal buffet part.

Among those present at the event are its protagonists, prominent Russian artists, their colleagues, relatives and friends, representatives of the Greek community in Moscow and, in particular, the executive director of the Moscow Society of Greeks Inna Sheff, head of the Cultural and Educational Society of Greek Women “AGAPI” Stella Christianova and exhibition curator Anna Karasavidi, as well as representatives of the Moscow House of Nationalities. Yu.V., a representative of the 4th European Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, showed great respect to the organizers by visiting the exhibition. Zakurova, V.S. Nikolaev from the permanent mission of the Republic of Crimea under the President of the Russian Federation, who conveyed the words of greetings to the main philhellene of Russia G.L. Muradova, Chairman of the Board of the UDKS “Filia” Alexander Petrichko and M.A. Kuznetsova, Ilias Tsonis from the Representative Office of the National Tourism Organization of Greece in Russia and the CIS countries, as well as journalists from the Russian and Greek media who covered this event.

Stella Christianova, head of the Cultural and Educational Society of Greek Women “AGAPI”, expressed her welcoming words, with the kindest wishes of success to the exhibition, which will certainly bring its pebble into the building of fraternal Russian-Greek relations, friendship between the two countries and their peoples. Then – the speech of the main creator of the exhibition, its curator Anna Karasavidi, who put her whole soul into its holding. She introduced all the participants of the exhibition, their works, told about the main concept of the project – through the paintings exhibited here to show the history of Greek-Russian relations. Marina Kuznetsova, a member of the Board of the Regional Public Organization “Society for Friendship and Cultural Relations with Greece and Cyprus” Filia “, spoke from the stage about the high level of the artists’ works, about the warmest feelings that Russians have for their beloved Hellas.

The performance of the masters of painting Dmitry Belyukin, Nikolai Gorsky-Chernyshev, Vyacheslav Zhelvakov, Igor Mashkov, Ilya Kaverznev took place – about creative business trips to Greece, the most vivid and memorable impressions, creative gains and that after the lifting of restrictions, visits to their beloved Greece will definitely continue …

The curator of the exhibition Anna Karasavidi dedicated a separate word to our compatriot, whose recent death from the life of all of us, his colleagues shocked – Academician of the Russian Academy of Arts P.A. Arzumanidis – Painter, Citizen, Ascetic. Pavel Arzumanidis’s brother and sister, Athena Arkhipovna and Isaak Arkhipovich, were present in the hall. Condolences from all of us. A minute of silence. All stood up and before each of us his fellows, colleagues, comrades and friends – the image of a wise, dear person.

Famous Russian pianist, laureate of national and international competitions Nikolai Savvidi decorated the evening with his performance and performance of masterpieces of world classics. Singer Ariadne Prokopidou, known and beloved by all the Greeks of Moscow and philhellene, sang popular pop and folk Greek songs. Arkady Smiryagin-Kharalampidis are Byzantine chants performed at an amazing artistic level. Musical accompaniment on the Pontic lyre – the talented Alexis Elenidis. The host of the event, Konstantin Kelasov, performed the dedication to the memorable date of mourning and sorrow “May 19”, the song “Lost Homeland” – to our small homelands on Pontus, once in Byzantium.

The evening in the Moscow House of Nationalities gathered true friends of Greece and Russia – fans of painting, which were presented here at this exhibition by the masters of Russian painting, in love with their profession and their infinitely beloved Greece.

The exhibition is organized by the ANO Cultural and Educational Society of Greek Women AGAPI with the support of the Department of National Policy and Interregional Relations of the city of Moscow, the Moscow House of Nationalities, the Russian Academy of Arts and will run until May 31, 2021 at the address: st. Novaya Basmannaya, 4, building 1, hall 3a.

The organizers of the exhibition express special gratitude to all the participants and guests of the event, as well as the Greek patrons of art A. Iliopulo, H. Topuzov, F. Karafulidis, I. Aslanidis, F. Tsatsanidis, S. Moisides and the company “Delphi” (Roumeliotis Family).

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