Coronavirus cure will be available from 2023

Australia and the United States are joining forces to create an antiviral drug that is effective against COVID and its mutations.

A promising drug for coronavirus, which will be available in pharmacies, is being developed by American scientists in collaboration with Australian colleagues. Scientists from the Menzies Health Institute in Queensland and the American research institute City of Hope began a collaboration last April. The results so far are very promising as the antiviral therapy they have developed appears to neutralize the viral load of COVID in sick mice by 99.9%!

According to the ABC report, the treatment directly attacks the virus genome and stops its spread. “The drug destroys the genome and the virus can no longer replicate. We inject nanoparticles that find the virus in the body and destroy it like a rocket looking for a target,” says Professor McMillan. The expert claims that the treatment was designed to reduce viral load as for Sars-Cov-2 and new mutations (strains) of covid.

As Professor McMillan explains, traditional antiviral drugs – Zanamivir or Remdesivir – reduce symptoms and help people recover faster. “The treatment actually stops the virus from multiplying, so the body can recover and the recovery will be much faster,” the specialist said. “This allows us to treat those people who are infected with the virus and are very sick, or those who may be at risk of contracting the virus, such as those who are in a quarantine hotel in self-isolation,” he added.

Treatment may be available from 2023, however this will depend on the results of the next phase of clinical trials

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