Arrested for Elderly Telephone Fraud

The handcuffs turned out to be members of a criminal group that was engaged in telephone fraud and extortion of large sums of money from the elderly.

Two arrests in Rhodes were carried out by officers of the Police Department. According to the relevant information, a foreigner and a Greek were detained, in respect of whom criminal cases were initiated for crimes related to participation in a criminal organization that committed serial fraud with the receipt of large sums of money.
The police also established information about their accomplice, who managed to avoid arrest.
How the circuit worked
The criminal organization, as it turned out as a result of the investigation, had a hierarchical structure, and the malefactors were assigned roles. A group of scammers was based abroad. In Rhodes, “regional subgroups” were active, the main task of which was to monitor the victims, collect funds and transfer them to the leader of the criminal organization.

Participants in the scheme repeatedly called unsuspecting senior citizens on the pretext that their relative was in a car accident and urgently needed financial assistance. Then the perpetrators, posing as relatives, persuaded the victims to hand over money or jewelry in order to avoid arrest or prosecution.

The investigation revealed that the criminal scheme was involved in nine cases of fraud and 37 attempts to carry it out. The criminals made a profit of 131,735 euros, and the expected benefit from “failed attempts” exceeds 537,000 euros.

The arrested were found and confiscated:

€ 11,000 and € 4,000 worth of jewelry from three recent scams. a car used by criminals. 350 euros. 2 mobile phones.

The confiscated money and jewelry were returned to their owners, and the arrested were taken to the Rhodes prosecutor’s office. They are now in custody.

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