A sharp deterioration in the weather: rains and thunderstorms

On Friday, a sharp deterioration in weather is expected, a large-scale manifestation of such unfavorable weather phenomena as heavy rains, thunderstorms, and hail is possible.

According to the forecast of meteorologist Clearhos Marousakis, in the eastern and northern geographic regions of the country, a temporary deterioration in weather is expected on Friday 21 May. As the expert says in his Facebook post, “The reason for this development is a rapidly moving cold weather front from Central Europe, which will carry low-temperature air masses to our region. In this case, there will be a collision of two weather fronts – warm and cold. As a result, there will be weather disasters. “

Which areas will be affected by the weather?
Rains, severe storms and even hail are phenomena that cannot be overlooked, since bad weather will last 24 hours. Presumably the most dangerous hours of bad weather (on the mainland): noon and afternoon, for the maritime territory and islands – early morning and evening.

Areas with the most intense manifestations of weather disasters: Macedonia, Thrace, as well as the eastern and northern parts of the Aegean Sea. Strong winds in the Aegean are expected to temporarily lower air temperatures.

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