The story of Don Juan of Thessaloniki

The marriage swindler had a good life in Thessaloniki. He, as it turned out, had 170 brides and 400 mistresses. In Thessaloniki, he was engaged a total of eighty times.

The media accused Don Juan of deceiving 170 women in five years. The arrested person said that he had 400 mistresses, and that he did not deceive any of them, since he really intended to marry.

“Miss, I love you. I want you to be my wife.
– Sorry?

– I ask for your hand!

– But we just met !!!

– I have information. You are a good and honest girl. Say yes, and tomorrow I will come to your house to officially inform your loved ones about our engagement.

“Assa” and the marriage swindler were eventually arrested. So who is he, this very nimble guy with 170 brides and 400 mistresses?

A whole regiment of brides: Fifi, Marika, Katina, Eleni, Chris, Popi, Kula, Anna, Georgy and others were very surprised by the haste of the ardent young man. But who would refuse a marriage proposal from such a handsome man ?! The girls simply melted in his arms, saying “Yes” in a quivering voice! And they swept aside all the thoughts that logically climbed into my head, the meaning of which was: “Take your time! There is some kind of catch!”

In addition, the young man gave the impression of being decent, moral and honest, since he offered to marry without even trying to lure them into love “nets”.

The next, after a hurried marriage proposal, the day in the house of Fifi, Marika, Katina, Eleni, Khrisa, Popi, Kula, Anna, Georgia, with smiles and treats, they were waiting for a candidate for groom. As soon as he appeared, the joy turned into excitement. A young, handsome, serious, educated, elegant and polite aristocrat surpassed all the expectations of the parents of the “newly made bride”.

Dagkas, Merlegos, Vasaklis, Daskalis, Oikonomakos, Saklis, Fakis, Fokas – these were the names of the swindler, and also said that he was a law student, an employee of the Piraeus port administration and a reserve lieutenant.

After he received approval from the bride’s parents, the guy took the girl by the arm and went straight to the photo studio to be photographed for “long memory”.

Then he settled in the bride’s house. Under the pretext that he needed money to pass exams and obtain a license to practice in order to stay permanently in Thessaloniki and work here as a lawyer, he received an advance payment (as a dowry).

It was then that the search for a new victim-bride began. When he found her, he deliberately quarreled with the previous one in order to get the opportunity to proudly leave her.

During the three years that his “activity” in Thessaloniki continued, the guy ate, drank and slept with various ladies, and lived well at their expense, “not denying himself anything.” Having a great time, he didn’t work a single day in his life!

In Tumba alone (the region of Thessaloniki), in two years, he was engaged thirty-nine times (!). But that’s nothing. In Thessaloniki he was engaged a total of eighty times, in Athens and Piraeus sixty-six, in Sparta eight, Samos eight, Volos six and Serres twice. There were 170 fraudulent “engagements” in total. And this is only in five years!

Gigolo preferred Thessaloniki, the city where, in his expert opinion, there were “the most beautiful girls”.

Of course, there was always a risk of accidentally meeting one of the previous passions. And nevertheless, luck was on the side of the handsome man, and he continued his “combat actions” freely enough, without fear of exposure.

Thessaloniki “Don Juan” was arrested over a cup of coffee in one of the cafeterias in Levkos Pyrgos.

The man was tied down and taken to the local police station. It is said that one of the first “brides” complained about him. It is strange that out of one hundred and seventy brides, only one wrote a statement to the police!

Others argued that the guy had a problem with the fact that he had abandoned another bride, whose brother turned out to be the guardian of the order.

Newspapers wrote about this in January 1937, trying to create impressive articles about a professional groom, a swindler, a dowry hunter.

During a search in his house, a notebook with names, addresses and dates was found, as well as about two hundred photographs with various of his girlfriends and countless love letters.

“I know a woman’s heart by heart because I have thoroughly studied it,” Don Juan told reporters. “I did not disappoint my girlfriends, like others. Our relationship ended in mutual respect. Being in a relationship, I always made sure that the girl fell in love with me. The only weapon for this is jealousy. If a girl sees that you are flirting with another, then she immediately “falls into the trap, like a bird” and tries to keep you at any cost. “

Journalists called him Don Juan, Casanova, Tamerlane, Minotaur and even Landru (after a brutal serial killer nicknamed “Bluebeard”).

He never confessed to treason. “I freely made acquaintances, I had a relationship, a lot of girlfriends … Perhaps I swore oaths too imprudently …”, the swindler confessed.

When he was told that the police would summon the bride to court to testify to confirm his fraud, he stated: “No girl will complain about me because I have done nothing wrong. If I am allowed to write a few letters, you will see that about fifty girls will gather here in court to see me and cry that I am in the dock. “

He was right. He didn’t need to write letters. The police called the girls listed in the notebook.

Almost all of them came accompanied by their parents or relatives and did not accuse him of anything!

The newspapers reported that he was a “thief” because an expensive watch, including a woman’s watch, was found in his house.

No charges were brought against the swindler, for example, of theft, seduction, deception, etc. The case, to the disappointment of the journalists, began to “blow away”.

Everything indicated that he did not commit any criminal acts and that he simply had “an unusually large circle of women acquaintances.” Of course, a man who has had several hundred love affairs in five years, maintains correspondence, keeps letters and photographs does not look very much like a criminal.

After that, he should have been released, but the authorities, as it turned out, had an “ace up their sleeve”. Among the things found in the house of the marriage swindler was a fake diploma of a reserve lieutenant. According to the law in force at that time, persons dismissed from the ranks of the army with the rank of reserve lieutenant had the right to enter a university. With such a document, it was easy to believe in the story of a reserve officer, a law student and an employee of the AP А. However, it was for this that he was ultimately convicted – for forging documents.

This is how the sensational story of a marriage swindler from Thessaloniki ended with “little blood”.

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