Crete: Policeman beat up guy on the beach

A complaint of excessive violence and wanton police assault was posted on the We Stay Active Facebook group. The young man suffered, according to him, from the unreasonable aggression of a police officer on the beach during a check. The incident caused a lot of resonance on social media in Greece.

The incident occurred early Sunday morning when a MAT unit, accompanied by a DIAS motorcycle detachment and OPKE patrols, arrived at Xenia Park in Heraklion, Crete. The applicant anonymously published his statement in the group “We remain active”, where he told what happened to him.

Δεύτερη καταγγελία από Ηράκλειο για την αναίτια επίθεση των ΜΑΤ στο πάρκο Ξενία στην παραλιακή χθες το βράτη, αυ

Posted by Μένουμε Ενεργοί – υγεία, συλλογικότητα, αλληλεγγύη on Sunday, May 16, 2021

“When the MAT fighters began to approach us, we asked them why they were here and what they were doing. They replied that we should go home and not look for trouble. Suddenly, without explaining the reasons, the MAT policeman started shouting “΄ΞΥΛΟ ΞΥΛΟ΄” (literally translated as a tree, but it means “I will hit”), without doing anything, and began to run aggressively in our direction, ”the applicant noted and continued:

“All I remember, I told him, ‘What tree, huh?’ and from that moment everything happened very quickly. He started hitting me with a metal truncheon, aiming at my head, at my shoulder, at all the places where he could hurt me. I raised my left hand to protect myself, but he hit me on the elbow three or four times. ”

When the complainant started asking “what are they doing,” the police reportedly replied, “go away and don’t look for problems”.

“My friend asked them why they attacked and followed me, and they just pushed him and told him to leave. So after we left, and when most of the people were overwhelmed by this spectacle, they started throwing flash grenades at them and chasing the guys, “he said … and wondered,” What would have happened if I hadn’t raised hand for protection? ”

“I know that such cases of intimidation and abuse of power must be condemned by us, the citizens,” added the complainant.

It is not known what caused this incident. It is likely that the young man is not saying something. But at the same time, cases of gratuitous aggression by the police are quite possible, as was the case in Nea Smyrni Square in Athens on March 9th.

Then a group of police officers brutally beat a young man who asked the police why they harass people. This incident eventually ended in massive demonstration and riotsin which dozens of people were injured.

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