UK: mother finds a hole in baby’s mouth

An unusual incident happened in a British family. The parents in a panic took the baby to the emergency room.

The Sun edition tells about a curious case, however, the parents were not amused. Becky Styles, a 24-year-old mother of three, was changing a 10-month-old baby’s diaper when she found a huge hole in his mouth, in the sky. In panic and tears, she called her husband:

“I tried to touch her, but he just cried, so I made his father come running and see for himself. I turned on the flashlight to get a better look, and dad said, “What the hell is this?”

The parents left their older children with their grandparents and rushed to the emergency room. When examining the child with the help of a directional light, the doctor suggested that it was a sticker, but the frightened mother insisted on her version that it was a hole. Then the doctor simply took a bright sticker from the baby’s mouth with her hands and showed it to the panicking parents. Stiles admits that at that moment she experienced several feelings at once – relief, awkwardness and shame in front of the paramedics, joy and a feeling of her own stupidity:

“I was laughing, shaking, I was so ashamed and I felt completely stupid. We all continued to laugh and walked down the road of shame to our car. “

Right from the car, the young mother called home to reassure her loved ones, and explained that their little son, in fact, “just loves stickers.” The emergency medical staff was humorous about the incident.

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