Israeli ground attack in the Gaza Strip and its denial

The air and ground forces of the Israeli army are conducting a military operation against the Gaza Strip. Hamas weapons depots have been hit, TASS reports.

Shelling of the Gaza Strip is carried out from the air, as well as tanks and artillery from ground positions, The Associated Press reports. The IDF said in a statement:

Air and ground forces are currently attacking the Gaza Strip. Earlier today, an IDF fighter and plane struck several buildings where weapons belonging to the terrorist organization Hamas and Islamic Jihad were stored. In the past two days, IDF fighters attacked a cyber unit of the terrorist organization Hamas in a Gaza Strip city. as a result of joint intelligence and cyber defense operations.

Over the past hour, Israeli army units have struck two squads with anti-tank missiles, and over the last 24 hours have attacked seven anti-tank squads.

In an address to the nation, Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel, said:

“Citizens of Israel, we are dealing with a war on two fronts. The first front is in Gaza. I said that we will make Hamas and other terrorist organizations pay a heavy price. We are already doing this and will continue with all our might. The last word has not yet been said. This operation will last as long as necessary to restore peace and security to the State of Israel.

The second front is the cities of Israel. To repeat what I said earlier, we are 100% supporting the police, border guards and other security forces in restoring law and order in Israeli cities. We will not tolerate anarchy. “

At the moment, Hamas is still continuing to launch missiles into Israeli territory, the authorities are urging the population of the territories bordering the Gaza Strip to remain in shelters. In recent days, 7 people have died from rocket attacks in Israel, and at least 103 people in Gaza, according to health reports.

Anthony Blinken, US Secretary of State, announced Washington’s support for Israel’s actions. An Egyptian delegation of mediators, trying to reach a truce through negotiations with the Palestinians and Israelis, left Tel Aviv. They failed to convince the Israeli leadership to agree to a ceasefire.

In the same time RIA News, referring to its own source and refuting the nightly media reports, states: “The Israeli army is not conducting a ground invasion of the Gaza Strip at the moment.”

According to the Israeli army spokesman Konricus at the briefing, there was an internal misunderstanding, and he takes responsibility: “We need to start by clarifying yesterday’s events. Last night there was an internal misunderstanding, for which I take personal responsibility. Such things can sometimes happen during complex operations “.

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