The Kazan tragedy could have happened exactly a year ago – mysticism, reality, or “blue whale”?

A year ago, a 17-year-old boy from Kazan, Daniil Andreev, committed suicide. His mother sees a connection between the tragedy at school # 175 and her son’s suicide. She has already applied to the Investigative Committee. Tells RT in detail.

Natalya Andreeva saw a lot in common in the behavior of the Kazan shooter, who staged a massacre at the school, and her son, who took his own life exactly a year ago. The woman appealed to the UK with a request to reopen the investigation into the causes of his death. The young man studied at the same TISBI college as Ilnaz Galyaviev, only a course lower. In the last months of his life, he changed a lot and, like Galyaviev, called himself a god. But this is just one of the coincidences that caught her eye while watching the interrogation of the Kazan shooter.

The mother recalls that after entering college in 2018, the son changed a lot – he did not want to communicate, he sharply moved away from the family:

“He completely pushed us away, didn’t want to communicate at all. He began to call his stepfather, my second husband by name, although from the age of seven he called him dad. Suddenly “dad” became “Maxim” for him.

Despite the difficulties associated with his studies, Daniel successfully completed the first course of TISBI. However, in September-October 2019, he began to say at home that the family would be better off without him. Natalia recalls the words of her son:

“Mom, everything will be fine with you, mom, live, you have children. If something happens to me, please don’t worry, don’t cry. “

At the same time, neither his mother, nor his stepfather, with whom he had previously had an excellent relationship, could not find out the reason for the mood and changed behavior of the young man. Parents chalked it up to relationship problems with their girlfriend.

That fall of 2019, Daniel tried to commit suicide for the first time, but was stopped. The second time it happened before the New Year – the stepfather’s office was located on the 18th floor, and the young man called him at work to find out the exact address. He immediately called his wife back and warned that, most likely, Daniel decided to try again to die, Natalya recalls:

“My husband immediately called me and said that Daniel, apparently, decided to commit suicide again. I immediately started talking to him, he told me that he did not want to live. “

After that, Daniel was placed in a psychiatric hospital for a month, but they could not make a diagnosis there. In their defense, the doctors said that the boy was too withdrawn and the specialists did not manage to get him to talk. Although the diagnosis made earlier, when he was still in school, sounded like this: “Obsession and Sound Syndrome.”

Leaving the hospital, Daniel again tried to commit suicide by calling his mother. The woman recalls:

“He shouted:“ I saw God and the devil, come here quickly. I saw them, mom, I saw them! ” In the last months of his life, he constantly declared that he was a god and that he was evil, a demon. He said that he knew everything and would decide everything himself. He seemed to be listening to me, his stepfather, grandmothers, but in fact he was on his own wave, did not react to anyone. “

After the New Year and the hospital, Daniel flatly refused to return to college. First, he transferred to the correspondence department, and then dropped out altogether, as Ilnaz Galyaviev did this year. By the way, when Natalya turned to the management of the educational institution with a request to find out if the young men could have crossed paths at the place of study, they answered succinctly: “Hardly.”

Daniel decided to spend the May holidays in the house of his own father. On May 10 of last year, early in the morning, he opened the safe where his father kept the gun, took it and left the house. The body of a teenager was found not far from his father’s dacha. Natalia is already finding it hard to say:

“My ex-husband said that on the night of May 10, my son came to him, a mask was painted on his face with red paint. He stood and left. At four in the morning he woke up again and saw that his son was not at home, and the safe where the gun was kept was opened with a key.

A criminal case was opened into the death of Daniel, which was safely closed after 3 months, without finding corpus delicti. After seeing information on the network about the shots at school and hearing the recording of the interrogation of Galyaviev, Natalya was surprised at the many coincidences in the behavior of young people:

“When I saw him lying on the bench and screaming, I saw my child. Galyaviev shouted the same phrases that I heard from my son: about God and the devil. “

She was alarmed by a similar change in moods between her son and Ilnaz. In Daniel, agitation and aggression were replaced by calm periods. So it was with the Kazan shooter: during interrogation he behaved completely inadequately, and in court – calmly, patiently answering questions asked to him.

It seemed strange to the woman and another fact that was present in both young people – distance from loved ones. As Galyaviev told the investigator that the woman who gave birth to him is not his mother, and he has no parents, so Daniil Andreev at times became aggressive towards his family or refused to talk to them. For example, to his grandmother, to whom he confessed suicidal thoughts, Daniel said, “if she tells her parents about his thoughts to commit suicide, she will be in trouble”. Natalya continues her sad story about why she had suspicions about the acquaintance of her son and Galyaviev:

“Recently I called my son’s former curator in college, asking if Danya could have known Galyaviev. I was told that the latter was a year older than my son and it is unlikely that they intersected. I don’t want to blame the college, but I have to find out what’s going on because these are two identical cases. Perhaps my child simply could not do what Galyaviev did exactly one year after his death when he shot the school. “

The woman believes that someone is processing the teenagers, some kind of destructive organization like the infamous Blue Whale. In addition, Natalya claims that the investigation into the death of her son was conducted poorly:

“When they returned his phone to me, I realized that they hadn’t even opened it. The child was tormented by something, he was also a loner and pushed his whole family away. In his suicide note on the phone, he asked for forgiveness from us, and then passed away. “

In the phone, the mother also found a special application that teaches users to disassemble and assemble weapons …

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