Israel: army prepares for ground operation

The IDF, the Israel Defense Forces, is preparing for ground combat against Hamas with several options. As soon as the command receives an order from the authorities, the army will be ready to immediately apply one of the plans developed, according to

According to Brigadier General Hedi Zilberman, a spokesman for the IDF, most of the Hamas and Islamic Jihad missile capacities and more than 600 facilities in the Gaza Strip were eliminated in two days. Including the Hamas tunnel, which ran under residential buildings and a school building, according to the EPA.

A spokesman for the IDF noted that the terrorists are deliberately placing their infrastructure under residential buildings. In this regard, the Israeli army is acting as carefully as possible in this situation, in order to avoid civilian casualties. As a result of a blow to the house of the commander of the Hamas training camps system, Iyad Tayeb, groups of missilemen and militants of the organization’s naval forces were eliminated. Last night, the IDF attacked the Hamas power structures in the Gaza Strip – the central bank, the building of the internal security service and the office of its head.

The Hamas Administration Ministry of Health reported 67 casualties among the sector’s residents and 388 injured, including 6 women and 17 children. On the Israeli side, the losses are much less – 7 people died in 2 days, including a 6-year-old boy and a 16-year-old girl.

Lieutenant Colonel Yonathan Konricus, head of the international media department of the IDF press service, reports that since May 10, at least 1,600 missiles have been fired into Israel from the Gaza Strip, 400 did not reach and fell near the launch site. The Iron Dome missile defense system, he said, intercepted about 90% of the missiles.

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