Greece is the champion in job cuts

A new study by EuroFound shows that Greece is unfortunately the European champion in job cuts during the Covid-19 health crisis.

The statistics, which come daily from European services, describe an extremely negative picture of our country’s actions to overcome the crisis and refute all the well-known arguments put forward by the authorities and pro-government media about the successful and effective response to the pandemic.

Thus Greece is at the tail end of the EU countries in terms of overall health crisis management, and is also one of the last OECD member countries to tackle the pandemic.

In addition, the country occupies completely “not honorable” positions in the list of states of the Western world (in the world ranking) in terms of methods and effectiveness of pandemic management mechanisms during a health crisis.

With a total death toll of over 11,000 and the current pace in the coming months that may be close to the total losses Greece suffered on the Albanian front in Rupel, no one can be proud to claim that the country has successfully dealt with the pandemic.

EuroFound shows with statistical accuracy that, unfortunately, Greece is again the leader among the 27 EU members in terms of job losses, followed by Cyprus and Slovenia.

In other words, a deplorable situation is observed not only in the management of the health crisis and its consequences, but also in the financial management of the pandemic in terms of the productive sector, the functioning of trade, industry and all other economic activities that ultimately regulate the labor market. …

Greece did not succeed in this either. Which shows how difficult it is for her to cope with the pandemic in all areas, from the very first moment of the health crisis.

“Greece has the highest rate of job loss due to the pandemic in the EU,” says a study by Eurofound, the European Union’s agency for improving living and working conditions. In a study released on May 10, Eurofound focused on job losses due to the pandemic in all three waves.

In particular:

Greece is in the worst position and ranks 1st among the 27 EU countries in terms of job losses, with an overall rate of 45.5% in all three waves of the pandemic (citizens who had a job before and said they had lost it). In second place is Cyprus (43.6%), in third place is Slovenia (39.3%). Sweden has the best position (10.4%), followed by Denmark (11%) and Luxembourg (13.6%). The average job loss across the 27 EU countries is 28.1%. …

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