Dress rehearsal … funeral

An unusual funeral took place in the Dominican Republic – the “deceased” nestled comfortably in a coffin and closely watched the relatives grieving for her, says the Daily Mail.

A resident of Santiago City, 59-year-old Mayra Alonso, decided to arrange her own funeral during her lifetime. Probably in order to identify the most grieving relative and, who knows, to leave him an inheritance. All jokes, but the strange ceremony really took place at the end of last month, the hero of the occasion, it cost 800 euros (including drinks for numerous guests).

For several hours the woman lay in a rented and decorated with flowers snow-white coffin, and relatives and friends mourned her “death”. However, not all – the more sane with a smile filmed what was happening on the phone. After the ceremony, Mayra Alonso said that her dream had come true, thanked her relatives for their assistance and urged them not to arrange a real funeral after her death: “If I die tomorrow, I don’t want anyone to do anything, because I did everything In my life”.

And the woman admitted that lying in a coffin is still a pleasure. It’s lonely and hot there, so there is clearly no need to rush to the next world, she advised. Alonso shared that the pandemic prompted her to take such a step – against the background of deaths from the coronavirus, she wanted to celebrate with a fake funeral that she was still alive. However, Internet users sharply criticized the woman for this idea: “We should not play with these problems. So many people have lost their loved ones to the coronavirus. “

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