Israel: casualties rise, diplomacy retreats

The tension in Israel is not abating, the Palestinians are firing rockets, the country’s armed forces are firing at Hamas positions. Hundreds of wounded and dozens of those killed are reported, incl. women and children.

The conflict in Israel and the Gaza Strip is growing: Hamas fighters have fired over a thousand rockets at Israel, the Israeli army is responding with airstrikes on Gaza. In Israel itself, local Arabs staged pogroms and arson in several places, and a state of emergency was declared in the city of Lod.

An Israeli army rocket attack on a residential building in Gaza.

On both sides, according to the latest data, more than 40 people were killed: Hamas claims that 43 people were killed on their territory, including 13 children; in Israel, rockets killed 6 people, including a 16-year-old Arab girl.

The girl and her 52-year-old father were killed Wednesday morning when a rocket from Gaza hit their car. The girl’s mother is seriously injured. There are at least 250 wounded on both sides.

Hamas is firing rockets not only at the Israeli cities closest to Gaza in the south of the country, but also at the center of the country, including Tel Aviv.

On Wednesday, on the border of the Gaza Strip, Palestinians hit a military jeep with an anti-tank missile. According to Al-Jazeera TV channel, one Israeli soldier was killed and two were wounded.

Yoni Aviv, a resident of Lod, did not hide his sorrowful emotions when he told the Channel 7 correspondent about violent riots perpetrated in the city by Arab gangs in recent days, according to the Israeli 7kanal

“What happened here was like a nightmare. The Arabs came to the mosque and wanted to hold a demonstration. We called the police and told them they were coming. From fifty people, the crowd very soon grew to 500, who staged a pogrom here. About 10-15 people ran up to my car, dragged it to the middle of the road, broke the windows and set it on fire … ”, he said in particular.

“I called the police and told about what was happening. It was at 2:30 and the police arrived about an hour later. We are sitting at home and there is nothing we can do. You see from above [что происходит] – and you are helpless, I don’t know what to do … ”- Aviv added.

“I had only two hours of sleep out of 48 hours. I had no one to talk to. Firefighters don’t come without police. My car has broken windows … ”he continued.

“We are at home with the children and we lock the door. I don’t have a gun because I see what they did to the people who shot … Yesterday they promised that there would be police officers and reservists. There were a large number of border guards at night. But as soon as the journalists closed their cells, the border guards “disappeared,” said a resident of Lod.

Aviv also described the funeral of the terrorist, which took place yesterday in Lod: “The crowd was throwing stones, and the police just ran. It was crazy. You see how the policeman gets hit on the head with a stone and how helpless they are. The motorcycle burned out. Last night we were told not to worry and that everything will be fine [а потом] there were sirens “Tseva Hell”. The hideout was locked – and only the Arabs had the key. We sat together in the stairwell – Jews and Arabs. Three cars burned down tonight … ”.

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Over the past 36 hours, about 1,000 rockets have been fired at Israel from the Gaza Strip, and the IDF has attacked over 500 targets. By the morning of May 12, Hamas has reduced the intensity of its shelling, but rocket launches into the south of the country continue. Alas, the death toll is also growing.

לא עוצרים בלוד: הפורעים ממגזר הצעירים הגיעו לחולל הלילה מהומות בכניסה למיון בבית החולים אסף הרופא.

– שילה פריד (@shilofreid) May 11, 2021

A video of the pogrom staged by young people in the emergency room of the Asaf Ha-Rofe hospital has been published on the Web. In the explanation for the video, it is stated that the rioters were representatives of the Arabic-speaking community of the country.
One of the missiles during massive shelling from Gaza on Tuesday, May 11, I got into a class at a school in Ashkelon. Nobody was hurt, as all classes in educational institutions were canceled. “I heard an explosion, and then the house shook,” recalls 18-year-old Shai Ashval, a student of the school that was hit by the rocket. “I looked out of the window and saw smoke. m. If there were classes today, not everyone would have had time to hide during the shelling. It’s very scary. It’s amazing how the classroom generally survived after being hit by a rocket. ” “It could have resulted in the mass death of children if they studied there today,” Elazar, a resident of the district, is sure. “When there was an air raid alert, I was 200 meters from here. We ran to the shelter in the cultural center. When we could get out, we went there where the explosion thundered and where the smoke came from. We saw that the classroom was on fire, looked in there to make sure there was no one there, then we opened the fire hydrant. ” Jerusalem again became the reason for a new outbreak of the long-term Arab-Israeli conflict – a city sacred to Jews, Muslims and Christians alike. The last round of clashes between Israeli police and Palestinians in the city began last week.

Riots initially erupted over an attempt by the Israeli authorities to evict several Palestinian families from the Sheikh Jarr area of ​​East Jerusalem.

Another reason for the protests was the decision of the city authorities to prevent Muslims from entering the Temple Mount during the Jerusalem Day procession, which was celebrated on Monday.

On Monday morning, hundreds of Palestinians began throwing stones at Israeli security forces. The police used flash bangs, tear gas and rubber bullets. As a result of the clashes, more than 300 people were injured.

Shelling began shortly thereafter from Palestinian territory. Hamas’s military wing, the Al-Qassam Brigade, claimed responsibility for the missile attacks on Israel. The Palestinian group “Islamic Jihad” (the organization is banned in Russia) also reported an attack on Israel.

Then the Israeli side began shelling and airstrikes.

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