Tourism: planes return to Greek skies

The planes are carefully returning to the sky. At least that’s what the forecasts of airline operators say since January 2021, when the European Aviation Safety Agency (Eurocontrol), which covers 44 European countries, said it estimated that air traffic would gradually increase from the end of April.

The forecasts at the beginning of the year confirm Eurocontrol data for the period from April 29 to May 5, compared to the immediately preceding week (April 21 to 28). At the same time, Greece is among the ten countries with the largest increase in air traffic.

In absolute terms, on May 5, the number of daily flights at the airports of Greece is the smallest, although it has increased compared to two weeks ago, compared to the airports of the other nine countries in Europe. The total number of flights to Greece was 416, with Germany, France, Spain, the United Kingdom and Italy among the top five countries with the most active flights, each showing a four-digit number, from 1,040 to 1,930, arrivals and departures.

However, the increase in the number of flights to Greece, which ranks tenth in the corresponding rating, at 26%, is the second largest after Spain (+ 28%). Turkey, Norway, the Netherlands and Belgium are ranked sixth to ninth on the list.

According to Eurocontrol, Eleftherios Venizelos in Spata ranks seventh in the top ten airports (Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Istanbul – IGA, Paris – Charles de Gaulle, Madrid – Barajas, Lonro, London, Istanbul – Sabiha Gιοkçen) with the largest flight activity. Also, if we take only Wednesday, May 5 as the starting point, then arrivals / departures to “El. Venizelos ”were 291 people, which is 29% more than two weeks ago.

However, despite improvements in performance, the gap between the number of flights from April 29 to May 5 and the corresponding period of 2019 remains significant, with the number of departures and arrivals at Athens airport declining by 58%.

The increase in the number of flights in the Greek skies is explained, according to Eurocontrol, by domestic routes of Greek airlines such as Aegean. A similar trend – the growth of flights is mainly due to domestic routes – in Spain, France and Italy. However, an increase in the number of flights does not necessarily signal, in the opinion of market participants, a recovery in the aviation industry. It depends on critical parameters such as aircraft occupancy, average revenue and average cost per kilometer. Location (calculated by dividing by the total distance traveled in km by the number of passengers).

With this data, attention is focused on the tourism launch on May 15, when EOT and Aegean unveil their new joint campaign and promotional video titled “Sunshine Discount” on Tuesday May 11. This is the fourth year that EOT is implementing a co-advertising program in collaboration with Aegean, which is being implemented over the Internet due to the pandemic, which, according to experts, increases its effectiveness.

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